Karachi Girl Robbed At Gunpoint By Masked Men - Claims A Money Exchange Outlet Is Involved

Karachi Girl Robbed At Gunpoint By Masked Men – Claims A Money Exchange Outlet Is Involved

Woman In Karachi Robbed After Converting Foreign Currency, Claims Money Exchange Was Involved In The Scam

It is a harsh reality that street crimes, specifically robbery and mugging, are a common occurrence in Karachi. While terrorism and target killing have been controlled to a greater extent but snatching by dacoits has still been a recurring incident throughout the city.

Another such shocking incident occurred in tariq road area of Karachi where a woman got robbed after converting foreign currency from a money exchanger.

Here’s how the woman was robbed of her money in Karachi

According to the details shared by the victim through a Facebook post, she said that she went to DD money exchanger on September 3 for converting PKR 6.5 Lakhs to UAE Dirhams (AED) as she was about to go to Dubai the next day. So she went to DD Money Exchange PVT ltd Tariq Road to get money exchanged for herself.

She asked them the total time for converting the money. They said at least an hour. So she provided them with token money of Rs 10,000. However, the money exchange said that the money has been arranged. The lady was surprised. According to her, they already had the money but they were planning for a scam with two dacoits that were waiting outside for her.

After that, the woman converted PKR 6.5 Lakhs to UAE Dirhams (AED) and left for her home. The robbers chased the woman from the money exchange. When she reached her home, she got to know that two robbers were chasing her outside from the money exchange. They asked her to take out the money she had just taken out from the foreign exchange.

The victim said that she does not have any money. But to her surprise the robbers asked her that you have just taken out Rs 6 Lakh from the money exchange. Give that to us from your car. Than they snatched the money from her car and ran away. The girl and her father were shocked.

In a picture derived from the CCTV footage, the two dacoits on a motorcycle can be seen that just robbed the victim.

Below are the details of the money exchange company which the victim claims was involved in the scam.

Source: Facebook

Below is another photo of the robbers from the CCTV footage recording.

Source: Facebook

The victim also shared the details of the receipt of the money she converted from the money exchange.

Source: Facebook

Alarming increase in street crimes across Karachi

The snatching incident in Tariq road area is one of the several recurring street crime incidents in Karachi over the last few years.

A bunch of street criminals thrashed an old lady in Karachi during a snatching attempt and the CCTV footage was brutal. The incident took place on Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi.

Street crimes are the usual thing in every part of the world. No country is perfect and there will always be people who will try to make your life miserable. Moreover, we also have to accept the fact that there has been a significant decrease in the crime rate in Karachi. But, there has to be accountability for such situations.

At the end, we may assume that the accused will be arrested and justice will prevail. However, our question is how many such incidents will occur on a regular basis before this ‘justice’ actually prevails?

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