A Woman in Karachi Was Harassed In Broad Daylight – The Guy Saw The Girl And Immediately Dropped His Pants

Public harassment has gone way too far and we continually come across shambolic incidents that make our hearts tremble for our society. Sexual harassment in public remains a very common social dilemma that every society in the world has succumbed to. While we continue to battle this nemesis, raising our voices and being vigilant against it must remain.

Source: womensngo.com

The bitter seed of harassment continues to grow and our society has unfortunately been a breeding ground for sexual predators, perverts and alike. Nearly every woman in our society has been harassed once in a lifetime. While women continue to show strength against harassment and there are social campaigns addressing these taboos yet certain voids in our society prevail. We must address the root causes and what drives a person towards adopting such a behavior otherwise our society will remain tainted by incidents as such what happened with a woman in Karachi.

A woman was commuting to work when she encountered a motorcyclist who stopped her and dropped his pants

This girl on Twitter reported what happened the other day at Karachi’s busiest road, Shahra-e-Faisal. She reports the incident unfolded while the female staff worker was walking the service lane and the man appeared.

He started touching himself which sent waves of shock to the baffled woman

It made people on Twitter absolutely shocked



What is more shocking…

See guys, this is why we need sex education. Sexual predators and perverts of such kind need to be taught a good lesson. It’s maddening how people think they can get away with this. Surely, if the pervert had the audacity to attempt such a harassment out in public, in fact, on the busiest road of Karachi then we can only think the guy needs help and therapy. It’s not normal behavior, not even by standards of harassers or predators.

We hope the poor woman could recover from the trauma of the shocking incident.

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