WATCH: Woman In Islamabad Teaches A 'Wrong Parker' Lesson Of His Life!

WATCH: Woman In Islamabad Teaches A ‘Wrong Parker’ Lesson Of His Life!

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Remember the badass Aunty Gormint that went viral last year for her boldness? We present to you another badass woman who took care of a man who parked his car wrong.

You finally find a spot in a packed parking lot and somebody’s parked over the line so you can’t fit. Or you have been stuck in the middle of the street but the person refuses to move the car. There are plenty of ways to be a stuck-up parker in this world, but few good ways to deal with them. Keep reading and you will learn the best way to handle such situations!

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In a baffling incident that occurred in Islamabad recently, a woman was spotted in a one-sided slanging match. As it appears, a man parked his car in the middle of a street, leaving no space for the others to pass by. Seeing him block her way, the woman flipped out.

She was so furious, she could not contain her anger and chose to say whatever she felt was appropriate. Needless to say, when it comes to such situations, even the nicest person loses his or her calm.

Well, the woman not only threw slurs at the driver who was blocking the way but also terrorized him saying, “You come to F-11, I will tell you how to be a goon.” LOL!

Here is the video – enjoy!

Trigger Warning: Strong use of language!

Soon the Internet fraternity would turn this video, too, into viral memes, videos, jokes, all incorporating her godawful slurs. Is she to become one of the biggest trends of 2021 and the talk of the town?

A few years back in a similar incident in Islamabad, a man parked his car on the wrong side of the street next to a famous dine-in restaurant. It blocked the only exit way where about 50 cars were waiting for the route to be cleared. When the suffering party, which included middle-aged men and women searched for the car owner and found it after 30-40 minutes of huge struggle, the car owner simply refused to move his car.

Taking revenge, the sufferers wrote messages for him on the car with permanent marker, and it was remarkable!

Let’s reminisce about Aunty Gormint. When a reporter brought the mic close to a local lady in her neighborhood, a legend was born that entertained millions of people on the world wide web years after. Yes, we are talking about the aunty who proclaimed: Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint! So, do you think this Islamabad lady will be crossing Aunty Gormint’s level of swag?

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