A Woman Was Badly Humiliated By Lawyers Outside A Court In Punjab!

Lawyers Humiliated Woman

The corrupt bodies affiliated with Pakistan’s government sectors show their vicious attitude from time to time. As the country’s justice system is already down the gutter line, egalitarianism is being derailed by the lawyer community. Another heart-wrenching video recently came up in which a group of lawyers was seen humiliating a woman outside a Punjab court.

Lawyers severely humiliated a woman in Shakargarh, Punjab!

Apparently, this is not the first incident of injustice with a general civilian in Pakistan. Last month, a lawyer who slapped a female constable was released without punishment displaying the rotten justice system prevailing in the country. Well, recently, a group of lawyers badly humiliated, pushed and kicked a woman outside a local court of Shakargarh, Punjab.

Is this how a civilian who is already seeking justice should be treated?

The extremely graphical video of the innocent woman getting pushed and kicked by lawyers is now demanding justice on the internet. According to media reports, the victim’s name is Amrat who was stopped from getting inside the court chamber following her hearing. However, before she could appear for her scheduled hearing, the lawyers dragged her out and humiliated her.

Bar Association President criticizing the victim!

Later, the bar association’s president threw the blame on the woman implying that she was involved in an abduction. As per the President Naeem Iqbal, Amrat, along with some men, tried to kidnap a lawyer called Yasir Khan. Eventually, it lead to a heated situation resulting in the beating of the barehanded woman.

Lawyers Humiliating Woman


Reportedly, the incident took place in a local court of Shakargarh city of Punjab’s Narowal district. Fortunately, some bystander recorded a video of the incident which instantly went viral on social media. As the internet got filled with just demands, Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar took immediate notice of the incident.

The police registered the case on CM Punjab’s orders!

Thankfully, the local police than intervened in the matter and imposed different charges on several names. Sources say the case was registered under sections assaulting of a woman, rioting and every member of unlawful assembly guilty of an offense committed in prosecution of a common object. Particularly, all the charges were registered after keeping Pakistan’s lawful penal code.

Unfortunately, in this modern era, Pakistan is still being dragged behind because of the unlawful and inhumane activities surrounding it. Back in September, another advocate was being called out for manhandling a lady police constable. Well, it’s not hidden that the country is still struggling to control the escalating security conditions of the country.

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