WATCH: Woman Hangs Son From 10th Floor Balcony By Bedsheet To Fetch Her Saree

WATCH: Woman Hangs Son From 10th Floor Balcony By Bedsheet To Fetch Her Saree

Woman Hangs Son saree

Perhaps you have heard of unfortunate reports of children falling from high-rise balconies, but have you ever heard of a mother who hung her son from the 10th-floor balcony? We recently learned about the shocking incident of a woman who hangs her son from the balcony of a highrise for her saree in Faridabad, India.

The video of the incident, which has now gone viral, shows the son hanging by a bedsheet. The reason for doing so would definitely make you scratch your head. The woman hangs her son just to fetch a saree that had fallen in the balcony of a locked house on the ninth floor.

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Instead of going through the normal route, the woman audaciously sent her child to the eighth floor by tying a bedsheet in the balcony of the ninth floor and then slowly lowering it down.

The video shows the son climbing on the bedsheet while his mother and other family members pull him up. The shocking incident took place last week.

According to one of the neighbors, the woman did not seek anyone’s help or advice on how to get back her saree from the locked house and unilaterally decided to endanger her son’s life. She could have contacted someone from the lower floor to get her saree, but rather made a decision putting her son’s life in danger.

“This happened on February 6 or 7. The woman decided to endanger her son for a saree. She should have contacted the society maintenance instead of doing something so dangerous,” the neighbor told a local media outlet.

A notice has been given to the woman on behalf of the society for the same. The video has been taken by a resident of the opposite building.

Take a look at the video:

The boy in the video can be seen tied with a yellow bed sheet, carrying a green garment. Thankfully, the child was pulled up safely.

In the case of a mother’s love, there are no boundaries. They become fearless when it comes to their child and will do whatever it takes to save their child; however, this was a very peculiar case. While this may have been an instance of a mother endangering her child for a dumb thing, there have been cases where women have even deliberately thrown their newborns from buildings.

Earlier, both the father and mother of a newborn baby were arrested for throwing her off the second floor of a building. Miraculously, the 3 months old baby survived.

As shocking as this may sound, unfortunately, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. A woman jumped off from a six-story building after throwing off her 2-year-old baby girl in Karachi.

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