This Woman Claims To Be The First Wife Of Hamza Ali Abbasi And Pakistanis Can’t Stop Trolling Her!

This year’s wedding season has been a chaotic one as not only general Pakistanis but several celebrities also got married. The Pakistani awaam witnessed their favorite celebrities finding their partners in the most adorable way. While some approached for a lavish wedding with huge expenses, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar set an example of decency for others.

This lady calls herself Hamza Ali Abbasi’s first wife!

Among other Pakistani celebrities and cricketers, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar got married with saadgi becoming the most liked couple in Pakistan. After the wrap of the beautiful couple’s mesmerizing events, recently a woman is seen creating a hoax on the internet calling herself the first wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi. Going by the name Anila Veryamani, her Twitter and Facebook are full of posts regarding the Pakistani actor and what is even happening?

This is what the lady posted on her Facebook when Hamza Ali Abbasi announced her marriage with Naimal Khawar!

According to another post made by the lady, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s real name is “Jehanzeb Khan” and he vanished after doing Nikkah with her. She was searching for Hamza Ali Abbasi since the year 1999 and at times he even asked for money. Recently, when she got to know about Hamza and Naimal’s wedding, Anila contacted Hamza and in reply, he asked her to ‘go to hell’.

Here’s what Anila Vermayani posted!

Recently, the lady even mentioned the famous TV personality Dr. Shahid Masood in one of her tweet saying that she was engaged to her cousin since childhood but later in time, due to police involvement she fleed from Karachi and got married to Hamza Ali Abbasi in Islamabad.

This is what she wrote on her Twitter!

Calling Hamza Ali Abbasi ‘Punjabi’, she accused the Pakistani actor of leaving her in bad times!

After marrying Hamza Ali Abbasi, Naimal Khawar was being heavily criticized for leaving the media industry. Providing the masses with a clear explanation, Naimal then posted regarding the issue on her Twitter. As the tweet went up, Anila Veryamani replied to it accusing Naimal of snatching her husband (Hamza Ali Abbasi) from him.

Here’s what Anila replied to Naimal’s tweet!

Further, Anila even tried to threaten Naimal saying that she wants Hamza to take her home once and for all!

Earlier this year, when Hamza Ali Abbasi posted a picture showing her happiness on the win of Quetta Gladiators in Pakistan Super League (PSL), Anila Veryamani had replied to that tweet too. Demanding for her rights and protection from Hamza Ali Abbasi, she asked her to step up as a man and accept her.

Here’s a reply from March pinned tweet on the lady’s Twitter account!

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Well, nobody expected something like this to happen and the Pakistanis are not buying it. Calling it a useless trick to grab the fame ladder, people are thinking that someone may have framed a joke against Hamza Ali Abbasi and the woman is being trolled too. Till now, Hamza or Naimal haven’t come out with any statement regarding the accusations.

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