The Disturbing Story Of How This Woman Was Held Captive By Her Own Brothers For 20 Years In Hafizabad!

Hafizabad Police Rescues Old Woman Held Captive For 20 Years

It is rightly said that in today’s cut-throat world, one can only seek sincerity, unconditional love, and support in their parents only. This story of Naila Bibi will bring anyone to tears as it clearly depicts the harsh truth of this temporary world, where even your siblings, you once played with are not your own.

Naila Bibi was held captive in a small cramped room for 20 long years by her own brothers!

In the city of Hafizabad, an innocent 25-year-old (in other sources, 20) Naila after losing her parents was taken to a room that had no electricity or water by her own two brothers. Little did she know what horrific fate awaited her in that room. Normally, brothers protect their sisters, worry about their safety and act as guardian angels.

Hafizabad Brother held sister captive

However, Naila’s brothers filled with greed for the property and inheritance, turned into her worst enemies; who went on to treat her worse than animals. The extremely disgusting conditions she was forced to live for 20 years will leave you shocked and tearful.

Hafizabad woman held captive for 20 years

In order to make sure Naila doesn’t demand her share in the property or inheritance, they locked her up. One of her brothers would visit the room situated in a small alley once a day to feed her. He would toss a plastic bag in the room filled with food as if she was a caged animal. But she was not, she was a dignified human being and more so, his own sister.

This world is a scary place! People who lived near that room ignored her pleas and screams for years as they considered it a personal matter.

Her cries, shrieks, screams and pleads were met with silence from the countless people that lived near her place of captivity. This is how cold-blooded this world has become. They simply considered it family’s internal matter and moved on with their lives without ever thinking it as an abuse that needs to be reported to the authorities.

Insects nested in her flesh, nails of hands and feet several inches long and barely alive lying in her own excrements on a charpoy, Naila was finally rescued.

Naila Bibi in Hafizabad rescued after 20 years

Her neighbors couldn’t sleep a wink because of her heart-wrenching screams that finally gave away her location to the police who rescued her. When the door opened, the disgusting stench filled the room with garbage littering the entire small floor of the place. A fragile old Naila, now nearly 50 and in an unbelievably poor state was seen lying lifeless on the charpai, barely able to move because of malnourishment.

The footage of Naila Bibi’s rescue:

Where would one go and who would one trust, if your own brother, your own family did the unthinkable to you. After being taken out from the hell-hole, a neighbor bather her and changed her clothes before she was taken to the Rescue 1122 Trauma Centre.

Sister held captive for 20 years in hafizabad


An FIR has been lodged against the monsters and one of the brothers shamelessly present at the time of rescue has been arrested. Punjab Human Rights Minister Ijaz Alam present during the raid assured that the culprits will be punished severely and they will make sure Naila is given top-notch medical treatment.

No one would wish such torment and abuse over their worst enemy. However, this is a grim reminder that no one in this world is your own except the Almighty. Let’s pray for Naila’s swift recovery and may she find peace in her years to come. Ameen!

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