The Story of How this Woman Was Abandoned And Left in an Old Age Home Will Break Your Heart

You might have heard your parents talk about how you, as a child, would one day leave them behind. At that time, you may believe that your parent is being too emotional or maybe a bit too dramatic, right over the top. But this is one of the many fears our parents experience, especially when they reach a certain age in life.

Parents believe that once their children settle in their lives, they will leave them behind and stop treating them as a responsibility. When the tables turn, children do not look after the parents and leave them.

Similar is the story of this old woman and it breaks our heart.

Shared on a Food Forum, Aliya Azhar Shared the Story of an Old Woman Left at the Old Age Home

Here’s what Aliya wrote:

I visit Old Age Homes (OAH’s) from time to time. There are several stories that you hear, but this one hit me right in the feels. 
This woman has been living in this OAH for some twenty years now. She belongs to a filthy rich family that abandoned her after taking away all her property. 
Each day, when the food is served, she makes two portions from that, one for her, one for her father, *who she thinks is alive* and lives in the men section of that OAH, where she can’t go. Nobody tells her that he has passed away, because obviously that would crush her. Today I saw her making small pieces of that roti, mixing it with shorba, and then she asked the guy who takes care of them, to take it to his father and make him eat it. It was all so heartbreaking!!! This new generation, or if I may say “this self- absorbed generation” has become so materialistic that they have started treating their parents as liability.

Parents are irreplaceable, they are the greatest blessing of God. How can people forget that?? please take time off to be with your aging parents whenever it’s possible, don’t make them feel neglected, life is short, your cold attitude towards your parents is like slow poisoning to them. And please please please visit OAH’s, spend time with them, make them feel they are loved.

In return, they would give you their blessings and love, and that feeling is indescribable!!!!! Just “Out of this world” !! I promise you this would make you feel alive. We promote brands all the time. Let’s promote something good this time. Can we?

P.S. I know it’s not directly related with food and stuff , my only intention is to promote this story. Pardon me if you think that it’s totally inappropriate to share this here.

No matter how your relationship with your parent is, please do not be this person who leaves their old, aging parent behind. Perform your role, fulfill your duty and you will always be rewarded.

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