Top 15 Wishes Of Wedding Anniversary

wishes of wedding anniversary

This is time to wish your friend on her wedding anniversary and you are looking for the right wishes of wedding anniversary to wish her, and we know very well that it is never the same for everyone to put their feeling into words or we can say that it is not a piece of cake for everyone because each of us has our way of expressing the love but words also do matter a lot because we all remember it throughout the life and it also hits directly to the heart with emotions, so we all wishes to write something special for our love ones.

Here are some wishes of wedding anniversary that might help you to wish your friend and express your love for them.


As I have seen both of you spending a lovely time together, my trust has been built very strongly on relationships love, and bond happy wedding anniversary.


Your couple makes me say this again and again, that you are made for each other, and your couple was made in heaven. Happy anniversary


After seeing both of you, I believe that love is not just a language; it’s a strong relationship that truly exists in this world, happy anniversary.


It is an honor for me to be the friend of the best couple in the world. May Almighty bless you both a long-lived life together, happy anniversary.


Congratulations on completing one more year together with the positivity you both have in your relationship. I wish that this goes on for a year and years happy wedding anniversary.


A successful wedding is not played by one person it’s a game of 2 partners that they play with their loyalty honesty compromises and love, and you both have proved it by giving your best into your marriage happy wedding anniversary


Your love and loyalty towards each other can make anyone get married exceptionally. I wish both of you to remain the same and together till your last breath happy wedding anniversary.


It’s a day to celebrate your happiness, love joy, and emotions that you both feel for each other happy wedding anniversary.


It’s a pleasure to see both of my loving friends celebrating one more year of their relationship together, happy wedding anniversary.


I wish the freshness of your love remained the same happy wedding anniversary.


You both are the cutest couple and I wish lifetime happiness and togetherness to both of you happy anniversary.


Wishing you a long and wonderful life together on this grand occasion, happy anniversary


May your marriage continue to prosper forever, happy anniversary


Marriage is a lifelong melody sung by two hearts completely surrendered to love happy anniversary.


May your marriage is blessed with love happiness and a happy anniversary?


May your love and care grow stronger with every passing year, and may nothing come between you two, happy anniversary.


Wish you both a lifetime of happy memories, happy anniversary

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