Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan Reveals How He Expertly Shot Down Abhinandan's Plan Embarrassing India!

Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan Reveals How He Expertly Shot Down Abhinandan’s Plan Embarrassing India!

The claims and the controversy on the recent attack of India on Pakistan, led by Indian wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman tell a story of its own. The attack took place on 27th February 2019 and became international news. In August 2019, the Indian Air Force officer was awarded by the Vir Chakra gallantry award for showcasing ‘bravery’ on his attack on Pakistan.

On the other hand, this incident holds a different tale, a tale of its own. Pakistani officials released the captured air force officer without any issues. Due to this act, however, the Indian media denies the failure of the attack and portray it as a ‘successful’ plan.

While Pakistani Officials Never Commented On it Before, They Finally Reveal the Truth and that too, With Proof!

Our heroes of the Operation Swift Retort finally revealed the story of what actually happened when India attacked Pakistan.

While the India Media Claims that Abhinandan Successfully Attacked on a Pakistani Aircraft, the Real Story Is Different

According to Pakistan Air Force Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha DCAS (Operations), while representing the team of the operation revealed the loopholes in the story. Air Marshal revealed that they were prepared for this attack and were not surprised. According to the military and political statements made by the Indian government during the recent electoral stages, the Pakistani army was well-prepared for the attack as it was fully expected.

On the night of 27th February when Pakistani officials noticed 20 jets; out of which only 4 jets threw bombs, none of which managed to reach the target. Also, within 15 minutes, everyone was prepared on what needs to be done.

With Proof, Air Marshal Revealed How the Indian Wing Commander Failed

He shared images of the jet while sharing how the Indian jets never released the missiles, let alone attack Pakistan.

On the Other Hand, Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan and Squadron Leader Hassan Siddique Reveal More Truth Regarding the Attack

PAF Pilot Noman Ali Khan has become Pakistan’s pride after he downed an Indian SUI-30. The duo shared how the Indian army tried at the night like a coward while missing the targets, and the next day when he failed again, we believe this marks how unprofessional the enemy state is. They attacked us night, missed their target and in return, we fulfilled our mission by meeting our targets. “We challenged them…and told them what the Pakistani nation and air force is,”

The only thing they had on their minds was “the enemy, my nation’s safety and my nation’s image

The duo ended their interview by saying, “sleep tight, we are awake” while giving a message to the nation that they are in the safe hands.

This indeed has been a proud moment for Pakistan to show who the boss is.

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