Opinion: Will Pakistan And India Ever Become Friends?

Pakistan India Friendship

A two-year-old was martyred while four people were injured in indiscriminate firing in the last 24 hours by the Indian army in various districts near the Line of Control (LoC). This was revealed by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Monday.

We hear such news very often which makes us think if the two neighbors will ever become friends!

The rivalry between Pakistan and India goes back to the times of British decolonization in the subcontinent. Over the years, the relations between the two nations have just turned worst be it politics, sports or any other mutual interest.

In recent times, since India’s ruling throne was taken over by Narendra Modi, the ties between the two nations got completely deteriorated. Previously, the issues were only limited to politics which at times even led to the loss of many innocent lives. However, the situation again escalated for the worst last year after the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK) lost its special status.

India’s abrogation of Article 370 and 35 (a)

Officially declared as a ‘disputed territory’ by the United Nations (UN), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s pulled off its vicious agenda last year in August. The Indian government revoked the special status accorded to IOK in its constitution. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule, the Indian parliament abrogated Article 370 and 35 (a) to acquire the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) region, illegally.

Pakistan India Friends

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Well, who would have thought that India will snatch the special status from Kashmir, this easy? When the matter was dead for decades after the UN declared it a ‘disputed territory’ among both nations. Obviously, it was an extremely unethical and unlawful step taken by Modi sarkar and the UN bodies should have intervened then and there to get hold of the situation.

Spreading chaos globally, the Indian army was then deployed into IOK imposing a complete lockdown in the valley. The Indian brutality in the valley and killing of innocent Kashmiri men, women and even children, displayed the real face of the fascist Indian government to the whole world.

Pakistan’s stand over the Kashmir issue

Pakistan on the other hand under Prime Miniter Imran Khan’s leadership has been standing firm with the Kashmiris. With support and efforts to make them free, PM Khan previously took the matter in the UN as well. Back in September 2019, PM Imran Khan’s historic speech at the UN for Kashmir resulted in rost across Kashmir.

Pakistan India Friends

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Analyzing the seriousness of the issue, previously, UN’s Chief Antonio Guterres had offered to mediate between Pakistan and India. As expected, to hide its viciousness, India immediately rejected the mediation offer. Calling it a ‘third-party’ involvement, the Indian government denied coming to the table to solve the issue, once and for all.

Facing humiliations and brutality from the Indian side, Kashmiris now only have two demands. Either they want to be a part of Pakistan or give them the right to govern as a free state. well, its nothing wrong in it as in both the cases as Pakistan is ever ready to accept them but allowing them to be a free state seems to be a much viable option in these difficult times.

Violating the Line Of Control (LoC)

The consistent violation of the LoC by India displays the ignorance of the Modi government towards its nation. False claims of sabotaging Pakistan and returning a hero has always been India’s tactic of diverting its questioning citizens. Currently, when the whole world is bearing the brutal impacts of coronavirus, India is still busy trying to defame Pakistan.

Pakistan India Friends

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While there have been massive deaths due to the deadly coronavirus till now, India is increasing more tension with its naive attacks. Retaliating as informed, the Pakistan army recently shot down an Indian quadcopter that crossed the LoC. No wonder, what the future has in store regarding the relation between the two countries but for now, it’s just getting worse.

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