If Your Girlfriend Does These 13 Badass Things, Wife Her Now!

What more could a guy ever ask for than a badass girlfriend? Seriously, there is nothing like a girlfriend that blows all your expectations. Your mere perspective about her sets apart when she astounds you with the amazing things she can do.

But guys, we know that a “badass” girlfriend is a rare specimen. You cannot expect every other girl to turn so badass and it is good that they are a rare entity because the particular characteristics can get you bored easily and are only good if they surface once every now and then.

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Once she starts showing those unique signs to you, consider it your luck because life is secretly conveying a message to you. You need to wife your girlfriend for her badass habits alone. But how do you know what she does that makes her a real badass? I am going to tell you partly based on my experience. Well, I couldn’t wife her but that’s not really important because Im’ma be your wing man today with what I am about to tell you!

So, guys, if she does the following things, then marry the gal now!

1. When she drives for you

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“I’ll drive” are the mighty words that you just want to hear from her after a long-tiring day!

2. When she keeps a “lighter” for you

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On the flip side, it sucks that you smoke.

3. When she encourages you to spend time with your “guy” friends

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4. When she challenges you in FIFA

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You: I’ll be right back.
She: I’ll be center back.

You would only get this joke if you have or had a badass girlfriend who would know stuff. I did *smirk*

5. When she surprises you with her knowledge in fitness

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Damn, bruh, how did she know what is an anterior pelvic tilt and exercises to prevent it?

6. When she takes you out on a date and remains the lead

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7. When she avoids the “drama” & pulls her sh*t together without sweating it

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You need to be a simple man. You see your girlfriend doing this, you marry her.

8. When she impresses you with her “real-world” knowledge

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Yeh esay hota hai
Yeh yahan se milay ga
Isko esay kartay hein
Yeh karo gey tou yeh hoga
Yeh esay nahi, esay karo


9. When she shocks you with her hidden skills in sports

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YOU CAN JUGGLE A BALL? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? (and that’s Tihana Nemčić – former Croatian football team Manager, in case you were wondering. Thank me later, guys!)

10. When she shares dirty jokes with you

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Because life is a lot better when you have a dirty mind

11. When she prefers to drive a manual transmission car

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Of course, man!

12. When she can perfect the art of performing a DEADLIFT

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13. When she makes weird-ass faces to annoy kids

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That’s all you need to love her for life, seriously!

Guys, take note! You have everything you needed to know, so now take charge!

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