Wife of Shaheed Major Ishaq Completes her Army Training and People Are SO Proud of Her!

The heartbreaking news of Major Shaheed Ishaq passing away was all over social media almost one year ago. We lost Major Ishaq during a search operation which took place in a hideout at Kulachi, DI Khan. The 28-year-old left a wife and a daughter behind.

However, a year later, Dr. Ayesha Khalique surely made us all proud with the achievement she has conquered.

After Losing Her Husband, Dr. Ayesha Enrolled Herself in Army Medical Course

Dr. Ayesha successfully finished the entire training session in Islamabad and Kakul and managed to secure a top position in the program.

According to the posts on social media, Dr. Ayesha won the best firer medal in the course as well. She also used the same gun her husband used while he was serving this soil.

“Congratulations Bhabi.
Brave lady of brave man.
After the Shahadat of husband Maj. Ishaq she applied for Army Medical Course got selected, successfully completed all sessions in Islamabad and Kakul. Fired G3 rifle from a distance of 200 meters hit 15 out 16 targets, awarded as the best firer of the course. One very special thing Maj. Ishaq fired 40 rounds from the same gun, 20 rounds with his right hand and when his right hand got injured, he changed the magazine and fired 20 rounds with his left hand.
We all are proud of you.”


Everyone Is SO Proud of Dr. Ayesha!

Amazing News!

Indeed She Is

May Allah bless Dr. Ayesha with more success and achievements in life, Ameen. This indeed is a proud moment and if her husband was alive, he would’ve felt so much pride in her.

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