Wife of Mango Which Aamir Liaquat Abused Starts Protest On Social Media

The infamous “Aam khaega? Aam?” episode which went viral last Ramadan has taken a new twist! Every Pakistani must remember the cruel atrocity which was committed on live TV during Aamir Liaquat’s iftaar transmission last Ramadan – where Aamir Bhai had forcefully pushed a mango inside a person’s mouth, shoved it in and out, rubbed it on his face and later on threw it away in the dustbin.

aam khaega aam?

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Wife of abused Mango takes to Twitter, tries to defame Aamir Bhai

Source: Twitter.com

Source: Twitter.com

The abused Mango was found dead on the spot. In Pakistan, there is no law or legislation regarding the rights of mangoes and other fruits, which has been subject to harsh criticism by the Mango minority.

The self-proclaimed King of the Fruits tried their luck filing a petition in the Supreme Court against Aamir Liaquat, which ended up getting trashed.

Wife of Mango Which Aamir Liaquat Abused Starts Protest On Social Media

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Since then, the Mango family has taken to Social Media.

The charge is being led by one particular Mango, the wife of the deceased. She has been knocking on every door, trying to get justice for her husband who passed away at the hands of Dr. Aamir, especially on Twitter. She has been tagging people in different tweets of hers, begging for attention, trying ‘fruitfully’ hard for people to take notice of the atrocities that were fueled upon her husband – but the people don’t really give a flying falsa.

Here’s what Amir Bhai really thinks of the Mango Girl and family

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When Aamir Bhai was asked by media outlets for his reply on the girl’s accusations, he said he would soon be providing ample proof that the Mango girl is in fact, an agent of RAW. Up until now, no proof has been provided and the ordeal is still subject to conspiracy theories – also because Aamir Bhai loves relating people to RAW and India.

Amir Bhai further said: “Yeh do kauri ke aam aaj kal ziada uchal rahay hain, Ramzan mein hum inhe thora choos kya lete hain yeh toh sarr per hi charh jaate hain! Main inhe ignore ker raha tha, per lagta hai inki dukaan ziada chal nahi rahi, is liye inka saara focus aaj kal hum per hai.”

Aamir Bhai further countered the argument and questions by proclaiming that the Mangoes were in no position to point fingers at him when they themselves had committed acts that the leftist and rightist groups both would condemn equally. When asked about what he really meant by the innuendo, he said he would provide proof when the time comes.

Source: dailypakistan.com

Source: dailypakistan.com

He concluded the interview by saying: “Dekhen jee jitnay mou utni baaten, log zara pehle apne girebaan mein jhaank le phir dusron ki taraf dehaan dein“.

As he was leaving, Aamir Bhai had one particular question he wanted to ask the Mango girl, which was:

Baaji aap mujhay khud batayen, ab banda Aam nahi choosay ga toh aur kya choosay ga?

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