11 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Better Than Your Friends and Can Replace Them!

The evolution of smartphones in taking over our lives is incredible. The digital scenario is ever-evolving and possibilities with mobile devices are endless. Well, you use your smartphone to wake up, remind yourself to take medicine, eat healthily, count how many steps you walked the entire day, how you may be on the brink of getting fat and of course, staying connected to the world. Incredible, isn’t it?

How would it sound if we compare your friends with your smartphone; a no-brainer? Your smartphone can treat you better than your friends. Want to smile? Tell your phone to browse “corgis playing in the garden” and you will smile and laugh hysterically more than you did at that lame joke by Aisha yesterday at uni.

If you think you have nakhray walay friends who sometimes made you want to pull your hair, gone are those days. Let your smartphone be your better or best friend! In fact, your phone can replace your friends who are nothing but a source of disappointment for you lately (pun intended).

Your smartphone versus your friends – here is why your smartphone wins!

1. Your smartphone would always be there for you, your friends would not

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2. Your smartphone can run your home appliances, like your A/C; your friends can’t, they would be too lazy to even move!

Using this app (Android and iOS), you can now control your air conditioner from your mobile.

3. You can clean your smartphone any moment if it’s dirty, while your friends take 12 days to shower

Source: BuzzFeed

4. Your smartphone can let you save your electricity bill; your friends can’t!

You can track hourly, daily and monthly power consumption on your a/c, thus allowing you full liberty to control your electricity spending!

5. Your smartphone can play “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 any time of the day, while your friends would sound like a crying peacock in a dumpster if they ever attempt to sing it

Source: zig.com

6. You can play games on your smartphone while your friends may play games with your life

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7. Your smartphone can be put on silent while it’s hard to make your friends shut up

Source: Tenor

8. Your smartphone can fit in your pocket; your friends can’t even fit in your Mehran

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9. Your smartphone can help you sleep better while your friends abruptly sleep during a conversation leaving you there alone

If you have the Dawlance Designer Plus Inverter AC, you can utilize the feature of sleep time with smart control on your app and have that perfect sleep of your life!

10. You can sell your smartphone and upgrade but you can’t sell your friends and get better ones

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11. Your smartphone can go with you anywhere in the world at any moment. On the other hand, let’s not remember how Mahnoor canceled today’s hangout at the last minute

We hope you understand the amazing possibilities with your smartphone and we also hope you understand sarcasm.

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