Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Child To Get A Medical Or Engineering Degree?

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This trend has been going on since forever amongst mostly brown parents. They tend to force their children to achieve a certain degree, usually it’s an engineering degree for boys and a medical degree for girls. People assume that if it’s a girl, she has to become a doctor or it’ll be end of this world.
Oh well let my remind you that there is much more than just an engineering or medical degree.

Can we please start thinking beyond the limit? Although many people have stopped thinking this way but I’m sure there are many more people who haven’t. This trend needs to stop. Every individual has their own interests and things they may like to achieve and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional degree. You could do arts and be 100% more successful and achieve much more in that field because atleast you’re going to put your soul into it.


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There are so many degrees and options to choose from so why should we be restricted to just the professional ones? I know so many people who have achieved a professional degree yet they’re not successful. It’s all about what you’re attracted to and what makes your soul happy.
People have this concept that if a certain person is not doing engineering, medical or any other professional degree, they probably haven’t received good grades.

Let me get this straight.. if a person is doing BA in interior designing, it does not mean that they did not achieve the grades needed to do medical. Parents need to stop forcing children to do what they do not like because it’s not fair. Also relatives need to seriously start minding their own business because they’re no one to decide your career. Let’s just hope this trend stops and we stop limiting ourselves to these few degrees.

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