Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Having Man Boobs

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This is a letter to everyone who makes fun of people with man boobs or chest.

When I was in the late years of my school, I started to feel that my chest was a little bigger in comparison with my peers. At that time, I didn’t realize what this condition was called, but I had to dig it up once the poking of my chest and harassment leveled up.

Even in college, the poking of my chest didn’t stop. One day, I was coming back from college in a gym shirt, when two guys asked me for directions, I told them. It was a summer day and the shirt was sweaty, they both looked at my chest and started laughing.

You shouldn’t think that I was obese. I had a perfectly regular BMI with a 34-inch waist and 16-inch bicep and a 44-inch chest.

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“Boobies man”, “baray chest wala”, “mammo wala” are a few common words we have to endure in our daily routine.

Now, if people can make fun of my chest in this muscular condition, you can understand how those who are not gym fanatics feel when they are made fun of for having man boobs.

I wouldn’t even have written about it, but a few days ago I came across a post on Reddit where a person said, he will suicide if his man boobs do not go away.

Why Man Boobs Occur And What Is The Treatment For It?

Man boobs occur due to many conditions including the natural process of hormonal change, drugs, and major diseases such as aids, cancer, tumors, kidney problems or even malnutrition. The condition’s medical name is ‘gynecomastia’.

It occurs by itself and there is literally no way for us young people to stop it on our own. There are different levels of man boobs and the surgery (extra fat cutting treatment) costs more than 3 lac rupees. But, by having a regular exercise routine, one can decrease the level of extra fat.

To Taunters:

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We would have chosen a regular chest if we had the choice. Alas, God doesn’t let people prefer, else everyone would be opting for Aamir’s body. Please learn to respect or else ignore whatever is made part of our body.

Your taunts only hurt us and push us further down the lane of depression. We feel timid and ashamed of going out of our houses. Even if we go out, we cannot enjoy and always think of covering our torso whenever we are in a lighted area with a lot of crowd.

People often intentionally poke our chests and feel fun in doing that. But mind you, there is no fun in it. Some even call us gay. But we are as straight as most of you are.

So, please refrain from your hurtful remarks. They may bring a smile to your face, but they darken our whole day, solidifying the view that we have some kind of problem.

To brothers having man boobs: There is absolutely no shame

First of all, there is no shame in having man boobs. These are a natural phenomenon and can occur due to many reasons. By feeling ashamed, you are being ashamed of something that is not in your control.

There is no need of treatment if you are not at threat

If you have man boobs, consult a doctor for advice and if he says that you do not need a surgery, then don’t go for it just for the sake of looking better. Ignore and move on with your life.

Those who taunt you are at fault, not you

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You have nothing wrong with your body. So, stop feeling ashamed of yourself. Just ignore these voices and go on with your work.

You don’t need to go into depression just because of this

Remember, life is much bigger than having man boobs. Go on with whatever you are doing and stop feeling so sensitive it.

They are just a part of your growing up phase and may vanish when you cross puberty. Even if they don’t, you will always have the option of having surgery. But, do not cut your confidence because of it.

Finally, if you think you are obese, or you do not exercise regularly, start to do so. You will look more in shape and that will surely boost your self-confidence.

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