Why Do Women Let Themselves Go?

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Even the most well-maintained women sometimes let themselves go. I want to talk about why that happens and how as women we can work to overcome it and always treat ourselves with love.

Your Means to Happiness is Always Conditional

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Being happy and secure in your identity should never be conditional. The mindset that you’ll become happy and start taking care of yourself once you get into a relationship or earn a title is destructive. You should learn to take of yourself because of the simple fact that you are enough and complete on your own.

If you are always waiting for someone else to validate your worth, it is not hard to discern why you stopped taking care of yourself once that source of self-worth depletes. Taking responsibility for your well-being and appearance gives a strong message that you are lovable and worthy. Once you realize this simple fact, you’ll become more kind to yourself.

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You Consider Self-Care Selfish

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Taking the time to tune into yourself versus being selfishly engrossed into your interests and physical appearance are two different things. If you can’t take the time to nourish and fulfill your own self, how do you expect to always give your best to the world? A time comes when you become empty from inside and everything you do for others feels like a drag.

So ladies do not be afraid to take a little time out to provide nourishment to your soul and body.

You are Bad at Expressing their Needs

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Women who are not on their own priority list find it hard to express their needs and boundaries when it comes to taking care of their loved ones. Taking up more than you can handle without expressing your need for space in a right way can eventually make you bitter and develop resentment towards your dear ones. Definitely not a win-win situation for anyone!

You Have Not Developed A Sustainable Self-Care Routine

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Women who always wait last minute to primp up or buy outfits just when some event is approaching have not really developed a sustainable self-grooming system for themselves. It does not matter if you are a working woman who is happily married or a housewife, you need to develop a sustainable and SIMPLE system of self-care that does not feel like a chore to you.


I believe that taking care of oneself is a conscious effort and requires making a deliberate choice everyday. Keep making that choice. You deserve it.


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