The Real Reasons Why Some Pakistanis Hate Malala Yousafzai

While the world showers her with praises, accolades and laurels, people of her own country loathe her. 3 years back Malala Yousufzai was shot by the militants for going to school. As soon as the incident happen Pakistanis started coming up with conspiracy theories… many called and still call her American agent, CIA puppet, etc.


Was the fact that a 14 year old girl could gain humongous popularity, that too for a noble cause like education was a bit hard to digest? Or the conspiracy theories were actually true? 

As a common Pakistani I can say that none of these statements can be actually validated.

Malala Yousafzai lying in hospital bed

No, some Pakistanis are not against Malala because she challenges patriarchy and hurt their egos. There are many other factors that concern them…

1. Why Just Malala?


Many of the Pakistanis question, ‘Why Malala?’ Out of all the girls fighting for rights not just in SWAT, but even in other areas of Pakistan, why was she the only one facilitated? Why wasn’t Nabila Rehman and many others like her welcomed the same way?

While Malala was feted by Western media figures, legislators and metro pioneers for her bravery, Nabila Rehman ended up being ‘just another person’, one of the faceless individuals who have had their lives devastated over the previous decade of American wars.  Why such hypocrisy?

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2. Suspicious Raise To Fame


Local media seems to have their opinion skewed in favour of Malala. However many common Pakistanis dislike her. No one ever addresses the questions raised by them. First, the incident, then her asylum, Nobel prize, her book to now her movie Pakistanis question.


Honestly, I think it’s not about Malala… It’s about the distrust Pakistanis have on the West. They don’t think they do anything without having a purpose behind it and if they are making Malala a global hero, they must have some vested interest in it. Wasn’t she used as the poster child to continue the war in the region?

3.  How Is She Actually Contributing To Education In Pakistan?

Her actual contribution to education in Pakistan is probably yet to be determined. Foreign grants have been sanctioned to Pakistan, but are they actually contributing to the cause?


How is she adding value to the education of girls in Pakistan?  She is getting all the attention in the world, high quality education, respect and recognition, but what about education in Pakistan? Do we see any change in statistics? I am afraid not!  

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4. How Is She Positively Representing Pakistan All Over The Globe?


Is she really giving a positive image of Pakistan or posing it otherwise as a conservative country that suppresses women? Why we never witnessed anyone talking about women in Pakistan who are breaking the stereotypes and making a difference in the lives of millions? Why the only focus is on the negative side of Pakistan? What about the fact that medical colleges in Pakistan are packed with women?

This is such a chance to change the perception of Pakistan, but no… misery sells. Doesn’t it?

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5. Swat Operation Started Because Of Her, Is She Responsible For The Innocent People Who Have Died In The Done Attacks?


It is commonly believed that Swat operation against the militants was initiated as a response of attack on Malala Yousufzai.

What about the innocent lives that have been affected? What about the families that have been destroyed? What do you think, they will love Malala for this? and the ones attacking them with drones? It’s out of question! Do you still think that the hatred isn’t justified?

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I think the debate will go on till the end of the time. It is a misconception that Malala is hated by entire Pakistan. Many people in the country support and respect her while others have apprehensions. Both the parties have strong arguments to support their stance. No one can conclude who is right and who isn’t.

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