According to Quran, Here’s Why You Should Pray Often Before Getting Married

Like Namaz, marriage is an act of worship; an ibadaat. The society, on one hand has changed how marriages need to be by adding a number of luxurious events and complications which does not make it seem like an act of worship. Prophet Muhammad SAWW said, while making a connection between marriage and religion:

“Whoever Allah provides with a righteous wife, then Allah has assisted him in half of his religion. Let him be conscious of Allah regarding the second half.” (al-Mu’jam al-Awsaṭ 992)

To demonstrate your consciousness about God, prayer is the utmost important way. When it comes to having a conversation with the parents regarding marriage, it involves question of family lineage, income, career, education and so on. It is essential to consider some of these traits nonetheless. The Prophet SAWW said the following:

A woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, her status, her beauty and her religion, so try to get one who is religious so you may be blessed.” (Sahih Muslim, 1466)

Prayer Is One of the Initial Determinants of Religiosity

While it could sound judgmental and harsh, there are a number of reasons why lack of prayer-regimen in someone’s life is not a good practice, especially in someone you are willing to marrying. Prayer is the teacher of prioritizing tasks, communication and belief in Allah and of course, self-discipline.

Praying before marriage is important so Allah may make things easier for you and show you the clearer path. If you are willing to marry someone, what is the way of knowing whether they are right for you or not? Non.

However, Quran States a Number of Dua’as and Verses That Can Show You Signs and Clarity

According to Biharul Anwar to invoke the almighty Allah that a grown up boy or girl be suitably married recite the following du-a’a:

“Make easy (my difficulties) by your superabundant favors, O the Most Mighty,”

Yaa Musabbibal Asbaabi Yaa Mufattihal Abwaabi Yaa Man Haythu Maa Du-ee-Ya Ajaaba

“O Causer of the Causes; O He who opens the doors (to opportunities); O’ He who gives an answer to the call from wherever (He is called).”

Allah never makes our prayers go unheard.

May Allah guide us to the right track, Ameen!

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