5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Start Saving Money in Your 20s


With that being said, flick through a few pictures of Northern Areas before you and your wanderlust kicks in. Wouldn’t it be awesome to head over there in this beautiful weather? Imagine the breathtaking sights of fairy meadows these days… Your friends and co-workers have already left and then there you are… Just like me, you dread the sight of your bank account balance.

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You don’t even want to open Instagram because pictures of all those people having the time of their lives are sucking the life out of you. Don’t you wish you had saved for the trip rather than spending on those chotay motay everyday kharchay?

This moment calls for one thing: you, dear, need to get your sh*t together and actually start saving money. Yes, no matter if you have six or seven zeros in your salary, you absolutely need every reason to put some money aside each month. So, let’s begin with 5 reasons why you need to start saving money NOW:

1. Saving actually gets a grip on your spending habits

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Create a budget and stick to it! No one’s asking you to stop spending on the things you go gaga about. Just get started by setting aside a small amount each month. Little-by-little, this will help you control what you spend your money on and once you have some savings you’ll finally be able to afford that 11k bag you’ve been dreaming of!

2. It makes you financially independent more than you can imagine

Isn’t it getting embarrassing asking your folks for money any time you’re low on cash or need to buy a new phone? It’s time to invest in your future and with some savings in your pocket, you’ll be able to call your own shots!

Instead of spending money on junk food every day, think bigger! But Why Save? Little do we know, the petty cash you waste every day could make you financially independent; years from now if you save it.

3. Helps out in emergency situations

Picture this unfortunate scenario where you are obliged to pay the bill at a high-end restaurant. Would you bail out? No.


Besides, emergencies can pop anytime. Mondays are already super mean, so you definitely need a cushion to bounce on should any mess occurs.

4. Upgrade your lifestyle; that vacation plan would finally come true

How long would you hold up delaying your plans? For how long would you spend the New Year’s Eve crumbling under your blanket? You want to be at that party happening across the continent.

But Why Save? If you start saving now, you can easily plan things. You will be able to buy THAT car, plan THAT vacation, surprise your best friend/ significant other THAT incredible way. Live life the way you want, without stressing about how much’s left in your wallet.

5. Do something today which your future-self thanks you for – saving money pays off in the longer run, remember!

You have to cut down on expenses and make tiny sacrifices but nobody’s asking you to become a typical miser. Spend that money but spend it wisely and most importantly save it. Get a plan, get a grip and you’ll have a financial backup for your future.

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See guys, it doesn’t take a genius to actually understand this. It’s an astonishingly simple but a woefully infrequent practice. The only pitfall is starting out but when you do, keep going.

Plus, a good life doesn’t mean you drain your wallet. Get creative, make a sweet dinner for yourself instead of going out all the time. Geddit?

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