Many Pakistanis Believe The New Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Is A ‘Shaitani Mansooba’

The talk of the town, wherever you go, is none other than the world’s newfound love for the cryptocurrency. With market rates now touching the sky, people are left questioning themselves why they didn’t buy Bitcoin when they had the time.

Currently, the rate of one Bitcoin sits handsomely at $6000, which means it is almost Rs. 600,000 plus. There are other newly introduced cryptocurrencies as well but Bitcoin is the lion of the jungle and of course, the pioneer.


Even with so much fame and so many buyers, rounded up by a hefty market value, many in Pakistan believe that Bitcoin is actually a different agenda altogether. Looking into the history of Bitcoin, it was created to naturally to make online transactions easier and more secure. Bitcoin, however, now is being labeled as a ‘Shaitani Mansooba’.

When Bitcoin was first introduced, the mining limit of the cryptocurrency was 21 million, which was to be reached by 2040 — but the world has already reached 16 million. The currency is untraceable, except the records with the two people carrying out the transaction. This is the reason that Bitcoin has been labeled as a ‘Dajjali Fitna’ – because people can now buy anything they wish to, from drugs to other banned items, everything is accessible, even the ‘Dark Web’. 


According to the video attached, Bitcoin has been introduced by the Illuminati, the secret society that works for Dajjal. Apparently, there’s a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip introduced with Bitcoin which is entered in your body and all your data, internal and external will be transferred to the Illuminati.

Basically, the school of thought says that if people keep promoting and working with Bitcoin, they will become a part of the Illuminati, forcefully, not on purpose. They will be levied with heavy taxes and be compelled to work for the Illuminati, or of whatever they may ask. Do you believe in this theory? Comment and share it with your friends.

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