According to Zodiac, Here's the Reason Why Nobody Honestly Wants to Date You

According to Zodiac, Here’s the Reason Why Nobody Honestly Wants to Date You

Still single? Or looking for a new beginning in 2018? Already tried? Didn’t work out? Confused? Your Zodiac may have an explanation why.

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Rejection or not finding the right person always suck. You cannot ever get your mind about the possible reasons for the current state of affairs. But it’s important to know what may be the root cause of everything. Unless your circumstances did not play out, the reason could well be you or them.

Here’s how your Zodiac sign defines this sad state of affairs…

1. Aries

You’re spontaneous and it scares them. They cannot expect, anticipate and measure you up, hence, they get too frightened about things going wrong. Plus, this factor influences others to the point that their every single action is driven by it.

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2. Taurus

Because you have somewhat materialistic tendencies. You want to end up in that high-end restaurant. You want things to look nice. You wouldn’t mind going broke for weeks just for that phone. For people, you may be too high maintenance. The world would end but you stepping out in your pajamas? No, darling.

3. Gemini

You’re everywhere, all over the place. You don’t stick with one thing. You’re happy, bored, sad, outgoing and shy. People find it hard to adapt to these kinds of traits. There are multiple sides to your personality and sometimes it may be just too much for them to handle.

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4. Cancer

You’ve built walls around you. You’re stuck up, closed-off and it’s hard to get there. It may scare you and there may be enough reasons for it. Those who stick around try really hard to break that circle. Your zodiac also says that no one wants to really date you because you’re not open to people outside your circle.

5. Leo

According to your Zodiac, everyone wants to date you. You get off with one, get on with the next. Usually, you’re taken and if you happen to be single, a hundred options would be there for you. You’re a hot item out there which is why most people think they absolutely have no chance with you.

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6. Virgo

Because you overthink, son. You overthink, over-judge, over-analyze and jump to conclusions, create problems that aren’t even there. You need to stop thinking and just be there, live in the moment.

7. Libra

You’re the center of attention. People want approval, constant validation and while you are actually harboring all the potential, they may feel insecure. You’re confident. You can control people, read them, influence them. That person does not want to live in that shadow, so it’s hard for them to stay. It’s only if you find the rare person who’s compatible with you then maybe, just maybe. And why? Because the spotlight shall be shared, son.

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8. Scorpio

You find it hard to trust people. Also, you can get really jealous. You are scared that your significant other may just hurt you badly and since nobody actually has to prove their loyalty, they might really question why they have stuck with you.

9. Sagittarius

You’re a free spirit. You let life happen to you and like to just go with the flow of it. This creates a problem of unpredictability that your significant other may find a hard pill to swallow.

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10. Capricorn

You and your high standards. They can be too much and too unrealistic for someone. Obviously, the person you meet won’t be the same as you. They wouldn’t have a long list of demands and expectations and they would find you like a mountain to climb.

11. Aquarius

You have kind of an introverted side that other people would find a sign of detachment or disinterest. You can be quiet or shy but you would still be having the best time of your life. Now not many people actually understand this, so you know…

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12. Pisces

Your charm, it scares them. You’re all the music that is out there. You’re all the internet articles, rhetorical Facebook posts and it may intimidate people. You’re idealistically perfect for people but no one can really bear that for long. People so wished you were simple.

You know what? Screw them. Be yourself..

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