Why Mamo And Bhanji Relationship Is The Best !

1. Your First Best Friend From The Opposite Gender


source :Tumblr

2. Jackpot

He will buy you things you can not buy for yourself. First mobile ,first laptop , first iphone and so on…


Source: Tumblr

3. Mamo’s Abroad

If he lives in US or UK , your benefits will multiply. There is no way in world that your parents would have allowed you to go study in those countries , but if you have a mamo who lives there, problem solved !


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4. Mamo and Mamani

They both are a complete package of happiness and they love to share their happiness with you.


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5. Benefits Are Not One Sided

you are a carrier to deliver flowers , candies and gifts from your mamo to mamani before marriage when they were just engaged .


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6. You Keep Their Secrets

You help your dear mamo and momani sneak out at the odd hours.


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7. Many Mamos

When you have many mamos, one of them is very sarial, one is very sweet and others are just okay. But you are their little princess forever.


Source: Tumblr

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