Why Malala Should Not Be Bashed for Playing ‘Holi’

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Why are people getting mad over Malala celebrating Holi? What’s the big deal? And maybe it’s not even Holi, because it’s not Holi season, maybe she was celebrating some color festival or maybe these pictures are old ones.

Even if she celebrated Holi, what’s a big mess? How does it harm to our country pride? How does it harm our religion? How does it trouble life of people living in Pakistan? It’s her life, let her do whatever she is comfortable with.

Source: Parhlo Pink

And one more thing, celebrating Holi doesn’t turn you into non-Muslim, trust me. The color on the face has nothing to do with the religion. The world is a tired and negative place right now, it’s time to spread love and happiness. We have so many affinities. Why waste our energies on all the negative things?

She got the noble prize for the country and this is a different topic but why people criticize her for not coming back to Pakistan and do something for our country. Are u kidding me? You want a teenage girl to come and save our country? Aren’t we 200 million people enough to share our role in the country goodwill?

You know what is the main problem? People have enough time to judge others!

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