5 Reasons Why It Is Really Tough For A Punjabi Living In Pakistan To Lose Weight

One of the biggest dilemmas of being a Pakistani, especially a Punjabi is the dedication and love we have for food. Food is literally the one thing in life which keeps us Pakistanis going. Feeling sad? Order yourself the comfort of a pizza. Feeling happy today? Maa k haath k aalo k parathay is the perfect way to rejoice it.

While our attraction for food has no boundaries, out of all the difficult things Pakistani foodies have to face, losing weight is the most difficult one.

How do you expect us to look after our diets when all we can think about is food and dance when it comes to the wedding season? I mean, have you ever visited a Punjabi household which doesn’t have meetha in their home? Impossible, I am sure.

1. We Can’t Lose Weight Because We Love Food

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Food means everything to us. We just need an excuse to celebrate, organize a dawat and eat. “Eat, Pray, Sing and Rejoice” was made for us, tbh.

2. We Need To Take Care Of All That Halwa Poori Wegaira On Sundays

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Once in a while, every Punjabi wants to dig into a plate of channa poori, halwa and nehaari. Sundays, for many Punjabis is incomplete without these food items on the breakfast table. And obviously, do you expect us to look like Gigi Hadid after eating such oily items? Sure…

3. We Celebrate Everything With Food

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Have you ever noticed how there’s a meethai wali dukaan in almost every corner in Lahore? That is because we always need meethai to celebrate our moments. As if meethai shops weren’t enough, we now have bakeries and dessert eateries everywhere as well.

4. Our Dawats Are No Less Than A Buffet

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Punjabis are full of life. They know how to add life to a party/shaadi and they know how to make it right. When it comes to dawatay, we make sure everything’s on the table. Literally everything. With the amount of food we consume, do you think we can ever lose weight?

5. “Kuch Meetha Hujaye” Was Literally Made For Us

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Our days our incomplete without eating any meetha. Primarily because we wish to put ourselves to sleep by making our souls happy and yes, meetha does that to us.

Keeping everything aside, it is extremely important to maintain a proper diet plan and follow a healthy routine. Exercise routines are equally important. Yes yes, we love food more than anything out there but maintaining a proper lifestyle is equally important.


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