Why Is Sex A Taboo Topic In Our Society?

A few days back, I wrote articles related to sex, pregnancy and periods after which I received a lot of criticism from those around me. People started questioning my hold on my religion, they started questioning my character. The messages and comments on posts grew to be really hurtful. So much so that I had to post a long paragraph on Facebook, justifying that sex is not a taboo topic. That this is a free world, where people are free to voice out their opinions.



The Article that I wrote on sex (Read it here: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Having Sex) In no way implies that I’ve crossed my boundaries as a Muslim, or even as a girl. The question here is, why do we question people who try to cover such ‘Taboo” topics? Why do we shame people who try to go against societal norms? Why do we believe that people who think outside the box, and are confident enough to talk about such topics are ‘begairat’? Why?


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We’re on the verge of entering the year 2016, we live in an era where technology has taken over everything. Our kids now play on tablets instead of inventing their own games. Everything is different from what it was 30 years ago, what has not changed, however, is our mind set. We are taught once we start growing up that some things are better left not discussed. Sex is one of those unspeakable topics. But don’t you notice, sex is everywhere. It is shown in music videos, in movies, in books, talk shows. Everywhere. From Pitbull to Britney Spears (two favorites of teenagers today, just by the way) most of the singers and rappers are known for their explicit lyrics. I can’t even talk about sex without mentioning the movies I believe most of us have seen, and which proved to be a huge success. “Bol” a movie starred by Atif Aslam, totally revolved around sex.


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These are major examples that sex is in everything we hear and see. If we are going to get offended about a article that does not show nudity, genitals or a person’s face, and just because the word “sex” was used, where are our priorities in things that really matter? I am in no way bashing the people who spoke out against the article. Everyone has the right to express his or her opinion and points of views in an acceptable manner, just like I do. On the other hand, people also do not have the right to point a finger at my character and question me being a ‘True Muslim’. I believe we are in the year 2015 and our generation is one of tolerance, acceptance, open-mindedness, progression and change. Like I always say, Live and let Live. Peace.


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