These Are The 12 Reasons Why I Don’t Hate Karachi University Anymore!

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My snobby self had to step down a high horse and settle for a place I loathed from the depths of my heart. Every step I took towards the building, I’d be smacked in the face with the brutal reality that this– this was my life for the next three years. A couple of nervous breakdowns routinely sobs at night and a failed attempt at hunger strike, the oh-so-dreaded first day of university approached.

With a foul taste in my mouth and icy bitterness in my eyes, I made my way through the first class and took a seat at the back.

The professor walked in and with judgmental eyes, I scrutinized her from top to toe. Eventually, a miracle happened. She opened her mouth, honey dripping from her tongue, and I felt like I had entered some mystical trance. Trust me, my life changed.

Just because I learnt so many different things about Karachi University, I don’t hate this place anymore.

1. The Teachers Are Amazing!


Source: Radio Pakistan

Not only do they have a ‘no-bullsh*t’ attitude, they are also very well-versed and jacks of their trades!

2. The Courses They Offer Are Amazing


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A number of options you have to study here is outrageously fulfilling. I have taken every single subject I ever dreamt of and all without restrictions or boundaries!

3. The Libraries Are Full Of Knowledge


Source: Radio Pak

If you are a nerd like me and enjoy some peaceful hours all to yourself, engrossed in your cliches or your happiness, reading about women who won’t be alone on Valentine’s day *ahem*, well, this University has got tons of libraries for you.

4. The Food Is To Die For


Source: Brandsynario

Coming to the good part,  I have never had this good food for a price as low as what they offer in KU. Yeah, I still stick to the snob I am but the food is mouth-watering, fresh, sizzling and so, so good.

5. The Central Cafeteria Is Heaven


Source: Facebook

If the stellar hasn’t already started the news covers and banged throughout the internet, well there is the central cafeteria to love. Not only does it have the foamiest espresso to fix my morning grumpiness, it also has the comfiest seats for our butts. Sounds like a butt savior, eh?

6. Walk. Walk. Walk!



Talking about food, there’s the amount of walking here to be highly appreciated. If it weren’t for the long distances to walk every single day that helps us burn some calories, I’d be back to my pre-puberty, obese self again!

7. The Diversity Found In This University Is Amazing



You will meet all kinds of people and learn so much about the truths of life. Whether you like them or not, you will definitely get a taste of difference and diversity.

8. The Acceptance – It Exists!



It’s all about the timing, meeting the people and keeping your mind open to acceptance to become accepted. In a society full of crowd, we are all too damn lonely, and with a sense of acceptance, you truly begin to outshine your capabilities and fight your insecurities! We are one.

9. The Fee-Structure Is Easy On The Pocket


Source: Our Daily Bears

Where only just a year ago my dad was paying almost a million for a year, we now do not even have to pay more than a couple of thousands. So I say, I been trippin’ but this money ain’t!

10. The Foreigners Make It Worthwhile


Source: TheNewsTribe

There is a handful of eye candy here, *wink* *wink*. These foreigners can range from Iran to Egypt, adding to the striking elements of diversity and acceptance, all the while giving us locals some eyeful of merriment.

11. The PG!


Source: Flickr

Apparently, this is some sort of an inside code word that is an abbreviation for ‘Prem Gali,’ or as translated ‘The Road to Romance.’ This is a long lane, overshadowed by massive trees that have witnessed many a love lives beginning from here, along with the side. The lane is popular for couples taking a break and having a hot cuppa chah together! Looks like there hope for our lonely butts after all!

12. You Will Find Amazing Friends Here


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I remember walking into the building, thinking about the miserable, lonely three years I would be spending here, but on the first day of KU, I ran into this girl who was just the reflection of myself! I’ve met some amazing people who are the genuine, real and great conversationalist. What more could one ask for?

I realized I was a bit too judgmental about the place and today after a month has passed, I can gladly say that I’m actually content. So there ya’ go kiddos, a life lesson.. Give it sometime!

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