Why Hira Tareen Choose Pakistan Over USA?

Why Hira Tareen Choose Pakistan Over USA

Hira Tareen, recognized for her talent in both acting and fashion, has become a familiar name on the Pakistani entertainment scene. Currently gaining attention for her role as the intriguing Mehreen in Ishq Murshid, where she adds complexity to the storyline by complicating the relationship between Shibra and Shahmeer. Married to actor Ali Safina, the couple shares a daughter and consistently supports each other’s endeavors.

Raised and educated in the USA, Hira Tareen decided to return to Pakistan to explore her creative side. In an interview with FHM, she expressed that the vibrant music and art scene in Pakistan, along with the strong sense of family structure, drew her back to her home country. Reflecting on the impact of marriage and motherhood, she shared insights into how these life changes have influenced her perspective, making her less focused on people-pleasing and more centered on a life that depends on her.

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