‘Thappar Nahi, Joota Bhi Maara’ – Hareem Shah Reveals Why She Slapped Mufti Qavi!

hareem shah slap mufti qavi

Mufti Abdul Qavi, the prominent cleric who always lands in controversies, has again embroiled himself in one. A video surfaced on social media, in which Mufti Qavi can be seen being slapped by TikTok star Hareem Shah, who has previously uploaded many video calls with him. So, why did she slap him?

The social media sensation Shah is known for making headlines for all the wrong reasons. And the same goes for the religious scholar. But well, seems like both are now once again back with their antics.

A video clip of the two has been making rounds on social media. Shah on Monday posted footage of her slapping Mufti Qavi after he allegedly engaged in a ‘vulgar’ conversation with her. In the video, which soon began viral, the TikTok star Hareem Shah can be seen slapping the cleric Mufti Qavi, who is sitting on a bed.

Shah also posted a video on her official Instagram with the caption, “I will share the reason for slapping Mufti Qavi soon.” According to the details, the incident reportedly occurred in Karachi’s private hotel.

The reason behind the slap

While speaking to the 24 News channel, Shah revealed that she slapped Mufti Qavi after losing patience with him. The TikTok star claimed she was irked by inappropriate Mufti Qavi’s statements made to her and her cousin who accompanied her.

In addition to this, Shah revealed that the so-called ‘cleric’ shamelessly talked about drugs, alcohol, and Zina (illicit sexual relations).

“He spoke salaciously and we have recorded the whole conversation,” the TikToker went on to say. Moreover, Shah clarified that she has no regrets about hitting Mufti Qavi and that the public would decide for themselves whether he deserved it or not. Shah also claimed she has ample evidence to prove her claims.

Shah previously shared videos prior to the shoot of her new show

Watch Shah narrate the ordeal

Meanwhile, in his defense, the cleric said that he was hit out of the blue while drinking tea and that the two girls only came for one or two minutes, slapped him, and left.

WOW! Just recently, a video call also leaked of the two controversial personalities where Shah can be seen arguing with the religious scholar whose name was earlier dragged into the murder of Qandeel Baloch

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