Why did the thieves leave crocodiles at the School? – VIDEO

In the Australian town of Humpty Doo.. No… It’s not Humpty Dumpty. It’s not even funny. We are discussing a serious incident here. A theft at school! CCTV footage at the Taminmin College shows few thieves stealing a computer monitor. Before doing the needful they were also seen pushing crocodiles through a broken window. Yep Crocodiles! Then they came in and took away the computer.

They left the poor and unhealthy crocodiles. Police are confused: they have footage and three malnourished crocodiles. Some call this bizarre, some refer to it as inexplicable and others name it weird: but maybe there is an explanation.

Perhaps the thieves were educationists and wanted the students to observe these reptiles closely and learn more about them. Well, these unhealthy crocodiles with taped mouths couldn’t do any harm to the students anyway. At the end of the day; the kids would have learned something. But who will explain the police.

Watch the footage of the bizarre (now explained) theft:

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