Here’s Why You Will Stay Single This Valentine’s Day As Well!

Valentine’s day is around the corner. Yes yes, the ‘inner’ you might be wondering how you don’t want to celebrate this absurd day and that this is a ‘yahoodi‘ tradition. True, all of this might be very true. However, deep down inside, you might be wondering why are you still single.

So, So Alone….

It is fine to admit it. It is normal to feel alone. You know as they say, sabr ka phaal meetha hota hai. And maybe this Valentine’s day, you might get the phaal after all. However, before you find the perfect strawberry in your life, you need to identify what is everything wrong you do.

No offence but maybe these are the reasons why you are still #ForeverAlone:

1. You Are THAT Nice Guy Who’s “Just A Friend”

Just when she says, “I like you…” the additional words “but as a friend” makes you want to kills yourself!!

Just break the barrier and quit being nice to people who don’t deserve it.

2. You Smell A Lot

Nobody likes a smelly person…NO BODY. I mean, relationships are all about sitting closely and all, right? So why would any girl want to sit with someone who smells like onions???

3. You Are As Good As A “Brother”

Oh boy…she just bro-zoned you. Run. Leave. Now.

4. You Might Have Weird Eating Habits

You might be perfect and everything nice but if you have food falling down from your mouth as if there are holes in your mouth, you deserve to be alone, tbh. Eating like an animal is a big NO-NO.

5. You Are Not Chivalrous

No matter how strong and independent some girl is, having manly ethics is a must. It is just…a must. That’s what differentiates boys from men. And obviously, no woman wants to date a boy. Just so you know, holding doors for us is still pretty hot.

6. Your Smile Doesn’t Make Her Smile

Das just so weird…

7. You Literally Keep Your Friends Before Her

It is fine to hangout with your boys, but if that’s what you want to do all the time, you might just want to spend a lovy dovy Valentine’s with your boys then. What’s the point of even being in a relationship when you can’t even enjoy one day with your special one?

8. You Fart/Burp Too Much

Nope. Just no. NO. Unacceptable. If you are friends, burps may work. But when making an impression in front of this beautiful girl from your chemistry class? No…

9. You Are Scared Of Talking To Girls

It is fine to be nervous but scared? Oh God. A BIG no.

10. You’ve Had Too Many Heartbreaks

Sometimes, it is difficult to move on, especially when you really loved someone. It is better to remain single for sometime instead of treating someone like a rebound.

Just keep all these things aside for one day and enjoy it with someone you have. Just for the sake of it. Just for the sake of enjoying and cherishing what you have. Or else, keep farting!

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