Here Is Why Actor in Law Is So Far One of the Best Pakistani Movies

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Actor in Law is a movie that released worldwide and gathered quite attention from Pakistan. Being a Pakistani, it was a must for me to watch it on Eid-ul-Adha and so I did with my family. The best part about this movie was the cast. The lead roles were Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat and they did a splendid job.

If you’re looking for some fun and entertainment then this movie is for you because the entire time I had a smile plastered across my face. The movie started of with Shaan Mirza (Fahad Mustafa) who is not living up to his father’s expectation and as a struggling actor who was done and tired of searching for roles. He then realizes that being a lawyer requires acting too. He becomes a lawyer despite of the fact that he does not have a lawyer degree.



The message behind this move was quite amazing which was that you can be anything as long as you know what you’re doing. It had a few emotional parts specially in the last half of the movie. Mehwish Hayat did her role perfectly and her character was quite funny.

The onscreen chemistry of Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat was pretty cute. The best part about the movie were the songs. One song was sung by Atif Aslam, which is always a bonus since his voice is to die for.

 I’d highly recommend this movie if you want to have a good time since I had a great experience watching Actor in Law.

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