There are a few who are not excited for Eid…

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Amidst all the bling-bling around, the Eid preparations, the never ending shopping sessions, buying mehndi, bangles, khussas, shalwar kameeez and what not! There’s a silence in the noise, a pain in the bliss, a disturbance in serenity, an unnoticed longing, a silent cry that goes unheard behind the norms of the society.

Who is not excited for Eid? Asked a girl in sheer excitement

The unprivileged, I thought to myself.

Mehndi and Bangles (3)


Since its Eid and everybody’s excited, anxiously waiting to dress-up, wear those bangles, jhumkas, put on mehndi, offer Eid prayers, wish Eid to all the friends and relatives, eat lots of meetha, the hugs, meetups, and above all, receive Eidi from the elders. No arguments over this, since it’s an Islamic festival and all Muslims should fully participate in the celebrations. Yet we (Muslims) really need to ponder upon the excruciating struggles that the unprivileged people in our society go through. We’re in sheer need to think about those who either don’t have money to celebrate Eid, or they don’t have any relatives or friends to be with on this multi-colored extravaganza.

As I was tuned in to a morning show yesterday, where some girls from a shelter home in Karachi were invited, two sisters about age 14-15 who on being asked what is it that they like the most and wish for? Whether they’re bangles, mehndi, jewellery, or clothes, shoes etc, replied that they wish for none! The refusal for these things shows that they long for relations, their parents, other siblings or whoever has been taken away from them. Yet there are children who find happiness in things like new shoes, clothes, Eidi, mehndi etc as it is not as easy for them to get all these things as it is for us (the privileged ones).

It makes me really happy to see Muslim people including our young generation arranging iftaar parties, gift boxes and other stuff for the needy people but I see that we lack on the other side, which is considered to be more important because no-thing can fulfill the emptiness of the hearts, and the loneliness in a persons’ life.


Once I visited an old-home and was totally shattered to see how those people wished to spend time with others more than anything else and how they insisted on spending more time with them and paying regular visits to them. Most of the shelter homes provide necessary stuff to the people living there, and the donations also work, but what they can’t provide them and what has the most importance is time and relations. There’s nothing better than having someone to share your feelings with, to have someone to laugh and cry with.

So this Eid, let’s just take some time out from our busy routines and visit these people and talk to them, this would probably be the greatest Eid gift that they would’ve ever wished for.



I wish all the Muslims around the world a very happy and blessed Eid, and lets not forget those who are just like us, yet are unable to celebrate like us. I would like to end this by inserting a quote here which says: “People were created to be loved, Things were created to be used, The reason the world is in chaos is because things are being loved, and people are being used”


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