Types Of People Who Should Always Stay Away From Geminis!

May 21st – June 21st is the month of the Geminis! Scroll down to see not only which signs you are most compatible with, but also to know which celebrities you share awesome traits with, ranging from humor to beauty to stubbornness! The last one is bound to be a surprise.


Gemini and Cancer

These two fiery signs don’t seem to gel well with each other. While one is a go-getter, the other one has more a laid back attitude. But it takes a lot to get them both to settle with anything less than perfect!



Gemini and Virgos

Highly practical and intellectually similar – these two are often misunderstood by each other. Nothing a mere discussion can’t solve! Just be sure to vent your feelings and not bottle up things for too long.


Gemini and Scorpio

Geminis seem to be more intense and devoted as compared to a Scorpio. But it is also true that a Gemini will only make a commitment if they WANT to. They can’t be forced to make one whereas Scorpios will push anyone to a limit to get what they want. Potential clash of the titans!


Gemini and Sagittarius

Highly prone to arguments, these 2 signs are rarely found to bond willingly. Their energies and interests differ considerably. Sagittariuses tend to have more patience when it comes to issues that Geminis don’t seem to depict as often.


Gemini and Capricorn

Probably one of the most complicated affairs. Serious dedication is required by both partners to make things work. If at all, that is.



Gemini and Gemini

Because of similar personality traits, which may clash at times, they might find it hard to stay involved with each other for a long period of time. They both are prone to listening to their mind rather than their hearts which sometimes becomes a deal breaker. Or sometimes – the reason behind their understanding.



Gemini and Pisces

Emotional sensitivity is not a Gemini’s strong suit which usually hampers a Pisces’ growth in a relationship. But on the plus side, they both try their best to get over pain quickly. They can be highly compatible in all sorts of relationships like friendships, siblings or even parent/child ones.

Gemini and Taurus

Though a lot of adjustment and effort is required on behalf of them both, it’s not a completely impossible affair. After all – no pain no gain!



Here are some of the compatible zodiac signs…

Gemini and Libra

This has got to be a sure-shot hit relationship. Specially in terms of a ~romantic~ relationship! Their shared interests and mental agility brings balance to the relationship.


Gemini and Leo

Another well-matched combination! Their relationships tend to be light-hearted and comfortable. They require basic understanding and mental stimulation. Putting these two together brings out the best of their creative and dramatic abilities.



Gemini and Aries

Geminis and Aries are both highly optimistic and generally enjoy good communication. However, Geminis tend to be more reserved when it comes to things that might need a more in depth talk about!



Gemini and Aquarius

This dynamic duo is probably the strongest and most compatible out of them all. Bringing out the best in each other and having thought provoking arguments keeps the spark alive constantly. If you’re a Gemini,  I suggest you find yourself an Aquarius ASAP!

But if a Gemini decides to boast a little to much about being awesome just remind them  . . .


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