“Nvidia Or AMD?”Which Is The Best Gaming GPU For You?

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While building an ultimate gaming PC apart from choosing the best gaming processor, there’s another main component that stands tall. Your PC wouldn’t be a gaming one at all. That is a GPU, the top choices are Nvidia or AMD.

What is Graphical Processing Unit

Graphics Card or say GPU plays a very important in making your PC full gaming.

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But now just in the case of processors here you will find two main competitors who’ve been dominating the PC world in their way. Nvidia and AMD.

These two GPU warriors have been fighting since they entered the market, even people are also divided with the decision which makes it complicated for the newbies to decide which GPU will be the best for gaming laptop.

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Because it’s one of those components in the PC that require a great amount of knowledge and cost a lot. Yes! GPU cost a lot it doesn’t matter which brand you choose, if you go for a better one then be ready to fill your wallet too.

That’s why it’s better to get your hands on the best GPU for gaming/streaming if you are spending a hell of amount of money. To all the newbies out there, before to misguided to the wrong direction, here’s the perfect route towards the right GPU manufacturer.

Nvidia Or AMD, Which Is The Best GPU For Gaming?

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There’s no denying in admitting that Graphics Card has great importance in the PC world because without a PC is nothing no matter how powerful the CPU you have installed in it.

This piece will cover every aspect of a graphics card, that will take you to the right and final decision-making process. From performance to price and most important which manufacturer card is best for what.

Nvidia or AMD
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Because if you search on the internet or ask anyone you might hear that for gaming AMD is a great and brilliant investment.

But if you say that you want to do some productive work as well like graphic designing then people suggest Nvidia. On the other same people who suggested AMD for gaming also advise you to go for AMD even if you do graphic designing too.

GPU Benchmarks-Nvidia Battles AMD

This section will cover the overall benchmark of both manufacturer’s models that have been released till now. The benchmark model list will end with 1650.

GPU ModelsScoreBase/BoostMemoryPower
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090100%1400/1695 MHz24GB GDDR6X350W
AMD Radeon 6900 XT97.0%1825/2250 MHz16GB GDDR6300W
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti97.9%1370/1665 MHz12GB GDDR6X350W
AMD Radeon 6800 XT93.5%1825/2250 MHz16GB GDDR6300W
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 Ti81.5%1575/1770 MHz8GB GDDR6X290W
AMD Radeon RX 570057.0%1605/1905 MHz8GB GDDR6225W
Nvidia Geforce 2080 Ti77.4%1350/1635 MHz11GB GDDR6260W
AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT46.6%?/1615 MHz6GB GDDR6
Nvidia Geforce 1660 Super37.9%1530/1785 MHz6GB GDDR6125W
AMD Radeon RX 59032.4%1469/1545 MHz8GB GDDR5225W

GPU Face Off Nvidia Versus AMD

It’s time for the face-off to see which one is superior and stands tall.

Best GPUs in the Low to Mid-RangeAMD does not have Hardware Ray TracingBest graphics cards for both gaming and technical workThey are usually more costly than AMD.
Games can be played in 1080p on high and medium settingsNot good when it comes to graphic designingThey have drivers that are much more stable and mature.Force you to pay for features (RTX, deep learning) 
The RX 5700 outperforms the RTX 2060 thus falling just short of the RTX 2060. (Super)They have a higher price-to-performance ratio overall.When compared to AMD cards in the same class, they appear to underperform in Vulcan-optimized games.
Cooling solutions are generally superior & use less power than AMD
DirectX (which is used by NVidia) is more commonly optimized in games than Vulcan.

One of Pakistan’s famous and growing tech YouTuber ‘Brown Lad Gaming’ has made a detailed video in which he clearly explains which manufacturer GPU is the best for gaming/editing/streaming.

Fluctuation In Pricing-No Consistency

As mentioned above, graphics card prices are touching the sky since the pandemic hit and sabotaged the computer market. It didn’t affect other components, but it damaged the graphics card market and people are now selling at unrealistic prices.

Nvidia Vs AMD Price
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There’s no proper pricing that can be shared here because it’s different in every area. Just like in Asian countries like Pakistan, three’s different price quotations in every retailer no matter in which city you live.

So, there’s no stable price range that can be suggested regarding graphics cards.

That’s simply clear on which manufacturer’s GPU you have to invest your precious money, Nvidia or AMD. Nvidia is the all-time all-rounder and provides the best structure. It doesn’t matter if you are doing both gaming and editing Nvidia will give you top-notch performance.

Even many of the international YouTubers such as Linus Tech Tips, Austin Evans have been praising and using Nvidia’s latest beast 30 series in their builds which clearly shows the demand of Nvidia.

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