Where Imran khan has got wrong during the past 2 months?

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Imran khan has emerged as the biggest news maker in Pakistan recently. Imran khan has been enjoying the limelight in media and civil spheres for past 2 months ever since his dharna kicked off in the capital, Islamabad. Though, one wonders, what makes it a dharna in first place as Imran khan has been doing jalsas across the country. One also thinks, if dharna is a success, as told by PTI supporters, what prompted Imran khan to do jalsas across the country to mobilize people.

Perhaps, someone in media or any anchor person may ask this question from PTI leaders. And, perhaps PTI supporters, as well, may ponder over this question before trolling their opponents on social media and in general.

Imran khan wants a change and, therefore, enchants slogans ‘Naya Pakistan’ and ‘tabdeeli’ in every other speech. His allegations are widespread. He has demanded the resignation from elected PM on pretexts of alleged rigging and not fulfilling ‘sadiq and ameen’ content of Article 62 and 63 of constitution. He has become famous for appearing every night during prime time hour on top of his container and demanding resignation from elected prime minister of Pakistan. The ‘angel in the pool of devils’ as he thinks of himself, Imran khan considers everyone in the parliament as a thief and often debase the decorum of parliament, forgetting he makes part of it as well.

He blames Nawaz Sharif for plundering this country but there’s a contradiction in his claim. Only if Imran khan thinks before saying, he will come to know Pakistan Muslim league –Nawaz government hasn’t been in rule for more than 15 years in total. Imran khan gives examples of developed countries and owes to whiff away all bad things that have happened in country within no time. But, he never takes time to educate his supporters about ‘hows’ of new Pakistan; all he speaks of is ‘whats’ of new Pakistan. This tendency of him to envision a dream within his supporters without telling them the pragmatic and realist approach to be adopted to achieve the dream makes him none less than demagogue.

Moreover, the change begins from the home turf. We see no drastic change in system of governance in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa. The IDP’s are left to Pakistan army to be taken care of. We witnessed province’s Chieft Minsiter Pervez Khattak dancing to PTI tunes at dharna while people of his province remained poverty stricken and more prone to terrorists attack than ever before, thanks to Imran’s soft corner to Taliban. Imran khan loves to spend time more on green-lush streets of Islamabad rather than going in his own province to work for betterment of terror-stricken people.

Call for philanthropic work and relief of flood victims would have garnered him much acceptance and respect from all spheres than the expeditious call for civil-disobedience movement.

Imran khan could have done much more than mocking other politicians, ridiculing the leaders of other parties, and swaying on tunes of DJ Butt. He could have gathered Tsunami to discuss real issues of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and country, and assigning roles to his young supporters for a bright future of country.

Undoubtedly, he has a great fan following and his supporters would stand by him always. He could have used mass-support to inform them about his policies and garner more support to take on challenging decisions which may be unpopular. After all, leader is not the person who listens to his people but, informs them about his vision and educates them about laws and constitution. Rather, he took much easier path that doesn’t make his any less of wily politicians Pakistan has witnessed. His abusive language incites hatred and does more harm than any good. It seems anybody willing to have a different opinion to Imran khan has every chance of getting abused in cross fire of his speeches. He used obnoxious words against state institutions as well.

Another disappointing aspect of Imran khan is his soft corner towards religious extremists and the Taliban. Imran khan is eager to allow Taliban to open offices in Khyber pakhtoonkhwa and in return Taliban named him as their negotiator on peace talks with government. Moreover, state institutions such as police and rangers looks de motivated in KP as there seems no reason for them to fight enemies which have soft corner of the ruling party. Is Imran khan ignorant of the losses Taliban have unleashed on the country? Why is he willing to ignore the precious lives lost of thousands of people while he is clamoring over few unfortunate people killed in drone attacks?

Dichotomy in his politics became conspicuous when he didn’t react to army’s unilateral decision to launch massive operation against Taliban. Education sector was expected to get much attention under Imran. But, recently, he acceded to proposed change of textbooks by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). Education sector can only be harmed by politics. It cannot be dictated by religion solely as it gives religious parties more space to attract youth with their conservative and dogmatic philosophies.

It’s important for educations system to be inclusive and free from any religious bias because freedom of speech has to be promoted and tolerance amongst the populace is imperative to achieve peace, harmony, progress. Imran khan seems not to be mindful of repercussions of streamlining religious extremism through textbooks. Moreover, he needs also to be mindful of importance of leading by example.

The best way for Imran khan to reach the prime minister house is by delivering in KPK. People of Pakistan are aware and can see with their eyes wide open, if he succeeds in delivering in KPK , I will be the first one to vote him from Sindh in next elections.

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