When You Take “Zera Tasweer Se Tu Nikal Ke Saamnay Aa” Way Too Seriously

Talk about a wedding and the ridiculous ritual that happened in it. You may have come across many in the weddings you went to.

A number of weird and strange things take place during weddings in various cultures. In one instance, the bride may be the stooge or the groom or both, but it is for sure that they shock you if you are not familiar with such customs or happen to be in the land of strangers.

Certain rituals are usually adopted from cultures while some of them are widely set up in the context of media.

But hold down there, we have something for you. You may have seen many weird things but I bet you have not come across anything like what we’re about to show you.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

So, brace yourselves, you are in for a good laugh because the following content will simply leave you amazed:

Let us give you a moment to endure all that. Take your time, we shall hold.

These things will continue to shock and you cannot help but ask, why do people do things like that?

We know you are toiling deep in your senses, you’re lost in tweaking one thing to another in order to make sense out of it. You’re lost and deep and you may even find Adele rolling now.

But at least realize how innocent these people are. Not to forget, they probably realize you are aware of what they did and amazed how it could all happen. We resonate with you.

People go way beyond limits in their wedding ceremonies. You can be cool splashing cash and be hosting an extravagant wedding ceremony but you can’t be cool enough to have a whole digital book of your pictures displaying and you coming out of it.

Looks much like an entrance in WWE! You got a preview on screen, lights flashing, music playing and beat dropping.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Forget the traditional ways of walking down the aisle with your stare forced down the imminent neck pain, a mob surrounding you and scorching camera flash forcing you on the brink of blindness. This is probably a solution, a redemption to the mainstream way of entering your wedding ceremony.

Take some inspiration, already. Go beyond the mainstream customs, go big, do something like that that would not only count make your wedding ultra memorable and a token for us to laugh again. If you have something crazier in mind, don’t hesitate.

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