When She Can’t Take it Anymore, Here Is How You Need To Support Her

You can see them in offices, outside schools, in grocery stores and in their homes. These are angels who wipe tears from their children’s faces, selflessly serving their families with negligible appreciation, go through sleepless nights and endless parenting, and still come out ever so strong and capable that one might ask what they are made of. These are your women. The woman we ignore “Wife”.

To My Wife,

I may not know how would she feels when she gives her everything. I may not know how she would handle her rude awakenings. I may never know how she goes through her day when I’d be in office, but I know she would never be alone.

Dear Wife,

I want to catch you when you’re falling. I know one can’t possibly travel on the path of life alone. I want to wipe your tears, make you stand tall and comfort you till you laugh. It might be hard for me to know what I should do – the right words and the right actions are difficult to search, but here is what I learned to do when life would be tearing you apart:

1. I Should know Your Responsibilities

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Regardless of whether you are a housewife or employed, I cannot completely know what you went through the whole day. I will ask you. Your daily tasks and chores might be overflowing, and you may not have the time and energy you need to check out all items. I should appreciate your sacrifices.

2. I Should Help You Out

Support your wife - Parhlo.com


Most people only help others when they are exhausted and burnt out. I should not wait for you to end up like that. I must provide my support even before your eyes get heavy and you become irritated.

3. I Should Stop Trying to Fix Your Problems Unless You Need Me To

Support your wife - Parhlo.com


What mostly happens is even when you lose control over your stuff, even then you know how to handle them and get back on track. So when I help you in other ways, I may ruin your planning and that would give you a setback, making you do an extra effort. I will offer you help, and only interfere when you really need me to.

4. You can talk as much as You can

Support your wife - Parhlo.com


Probably the best way for you to relax and reset is to let you say it all out. Explain what you have in mind, share with me your thoughts and let me know what you feel. Empathy creates a strong bond.

5. You Need Some Space

Support your wife - Parhlo.com


When there is nothing much I can do for you, my biggest help is to give you the space you need. Let you go out, have fun with your friends. Go get that manicure you wanted, or that haircut you so desired. If shopping is your stress-reliever, go have it.

This is not everything that should be done, but only a fraction of it. I’m just an average person trying to make you feel better, so take your time and wake with me. We are a half of each other, we should take care of each other.

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