This Girl From Twitter Asked People To Share Their Sexual Assault Stories And She Got The Most Heartbreaking Response

Many women and men in South Asia go through sexual abuse without expressing it. The non-expression is a consequence of multiple societal factors that not only create a taboo around the discussion, but also forces people to downplay its psychological effects.

@PedestrianPoet from Twitter started a thread urging victims of sexual assault to open up about their story. The result was hundreds of tweets about how the people they loved and were close to, did not pay much heed to the damage the incidents have caused.

Following this, there was a massive out pour of tweets

The following were some of the things they had to hear

“These things happen”

“Log Kia sochain gay!?”

“At least someone thinks you’re beautiful”

“At least your hymen is intact”

*Uncontrollable Laughter*

“Do you have any proof?”

Discussion and conversations about such topics are what helps us understand the problems in our behavior! We need to be more vocal about such situations so we educate everyone on how to act around and handle a loved one going through the resultant psychological trauma!

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