WhatsApp’s Latest Feature Can Definitely Save a lot of Friendships and Relationships

Ever regretted sending someone a message you really did not want to say but just wrote it in an impulse? In addition, that message messed everything up for you. As if texting wasn’t enough of a pain in the arse that we started communicating so excessively there that it messed our feelings up.

Most of our texting now revolves communicating through the free-texting app WhatsApp. Each year, WhatsApp introduces a blessing – from removing ‘last seen at…’ to removing the blue ticks option, it indeed has made life easier.

This Year, WhatsApp Comes with Another Remarkable Feature!

Brace yourself – you can now recall your messages.

Source: Tumblr

If you sent someone a message which you later, specifically within 7 minutes, take it as a mistake, you can actually delete it. They won’t be able to see the message if you are able to delete it within the allotted time frame. Be it be a message, a gif or a video, you can delete whatever you wrongfully sent.

The catch is that you have to delete it before the receiver actually sees it. Once the person sees the message, you won’t be able to delete it. So there goes your wish for saving yourself from the screenshot fiascos.

On the other hand, just think about all the fights you can save yourself from if you realize your mistake on time.

Now let’s see how many friendships and relationships manage to survive after this newest, awesome update!

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