The Horrors One Could Go Through If Whatsapp Introduced The Screenshot Update!

No one knew how useful screenshots could be in the 21st century. To save important notes. Take a screenshot! To keep proof. Take a screenshot! To remind someone of the special plans you made months ago. Take a screenshot! Missed a conversation? Take a screenshot!

And now after Instagram, what if WhatsApp also announces the option of being notified when a screenshot has been taken of a particular conversation?


The potential problems one could face can be devastating for some while being hilarious memories for others. Not to mention lots of people will be facing breakups and potential divorces. Much like how families are destroyed during a match of Monopoly. Below are some possible issues that may arise,

1. When Bae Will Confirm A Date And You’ll Take A Screenshot As A Proof Of Them Showing Up Or Not


Source: Wait But Wh

2. After Discussing Your Plans With Your Bestie, When You Realize That A Screenshot Has Been Taken!


Source: Giphy

3. When You Tell Your Bro That You Are In The Campus For Combine Studies And He Caught You At The Dating Spot With Proof!!!


Source: Imgur

4. When Your Ex Sent The “I Love You” Wala Screenshot To Remind You Of His Love


5. And When Your Fiance Took Advantage Of The “Khaas Batain” And Took Screenshots Of It


Source: Carbonated.TV

So, let’s join hands and record our protest against the launch of this manhoos option for the sake of love! Shaitan apko aisa kerne se rokega, but when you see the masoom udaas faces of your buddies, you’ll agree with me!

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