International Study Reveals Using WhatsApp Is Actually Good For Your Mental Health!

Technology is advancing with each passing day and the world is bowing down in front of it. Socialising has become so easy these days that the ‘unsatisfied’ person doesn’t have to make any effort except downloading a mobile application and BAM! He’s on an adventure. Well, dividing in terms of opinions, there is a higher percentage of humans in favor of technological progress than those who are still living in the 17th century.

The Blame Game!

Everything has a negative aspect to it as well as a positive one and it is totally up to the person what he opts for. Same way cursing and blaming Mark Zuckerberg and his 7 social applications won’t make your child’s grades any better. He should have concentrated more on his studies instead of the girl next door on Instagram.

Well, talking about social applications, WhatsApp has bagged the award for being the mind doctor. Studies show that the social interacting site is good for mental health. Researchers said that spending time on WhatsApp is better than consuming drugs like “Nawaz hamara qaid hai” and “Asif Zardari aur Faryal Talpur ko riha kro.”

Research On The Social Site; WhatsApp!

Apart from jokes, WhatsApp is said to be a cure for mental health issues as the site doesn’t leave the person in isolation. Interacting with different people has always been a better option than calling yourself an introvert as talking with friends and family makes you feel home no matter where you are.

According to a professor at Edge Hill University, United Kingdom (UK), “We have always seen a debate going on whether social media is good or bad but it might not be as bad as we think. Spending time on WhatsApp and talking to friends and family makes a person valued more which leads to happiness and less lonely sights. The relationships are also perceived as good quality”. Furthermore, “more closely bonded friendships and more affiliation with the WhatsApp groups lead to more positively related self-esteem and social competence.” the professor added.

Desis won’t agree to it as WhatsApp groups are the reason for depression here. As every desi person has two groups in his WhatsApp which he wants to leave but can’t 1. The Family Group where that cousin is always ranking high against you and making his parents proud. 2. The Trip Group also called the trip that never happens. Every desi guy or gal can easily relate to it and best of luck for your future trips.

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