Couples Broke Up After WhatsApp’s ‘Last Seen’ Setting Faced Issues Last Night

whatsapp down

WhatsApp, a cross-platform messaging application, on Friday experienced a major outage around the world, with users reporting issues with the ‘last seen’ online status and inability to change privacy settings.

According to the outage monitor portal Down Detector, there was a 66 percent spike in WhatsApp down reports, with last seen online status not working for them as well as 28 percent reporting connection issues. However, the company is yet to issue a statement addressing the problems.

However, it wasn’t a major issue in general but it became a huge one for the couples who keeps stalking each other and wants to know every movement of their ‘janu babies’.

Soon Twitter started flooding with memes and messages over how couples are not happy with the feature temporary going down.

Also, there were many who didn’t even notice that the Whatsapp was down. They were enjoying their freedom in some totally different way. However, now all the issues have been resolved and couples can take a sigh of relief. They can now stalk back their loved ones once again.

One of the recent time addiction for people is Whatsapp, this application has made people crazy about communicating via msgs. Especially, our desi are addicted to these social networking sites. Also, there are few annoying things people do on Whatsapp like this, couples stalking each other with their last seen and online status.


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