Pakistan Used To Be A Nation That Prospered But What Went Wrong?


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This article was originally submitted by Khanesh Rathi

Pakistan is a country blessed with strategic location, natural resources, fertile and green land; beautiful mountains, long rivers, large population (mostly young and energetic) and many more.

Unfortunately, having all the above-said things, it lags behind in the world; in the fields of education, health, technology, safety, justice and it is on the top positions in corruption, money laundering, terrorism, pollution, poverty, unemployment etc.

Making a cursory look at the past, one will come to know that this country has been dealing with the problems in the same ways since its birth.

Either it’s a dictator or an elected parliamentarian, almost everybody has not done well with this country. It feels like the country has not produced any visionary leader after Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan.

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Started from the constitutional making problem to language controversy, martial laws to breaking down of the country into two parts, assassination of political leaders; involving in others war to defending itself from its neighbors, it has struggled in every field.

The nation which produced the physicist like Mohammad Abdus Salam (Nobel laureate) and Abdul Qadeer Khan; (Father of Pakistan’s Nuclear Bomb) is nowadays lacking behind in the fields of science and technology.

The country which holds a record for the first lady Prime Minister (Benazir Bhutto) in Muslim world; and youngest Nobel Prize holder (Malala Yousufzai) is unable to provide proper education to its population; especially girls.

Here’s what Pakistan’s constitution sayss about education!

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Even Pakistan’s constitution-article 25A- obligates the state to “provide free and compulsory education; to all children of the age of five to sixteen years” or from class 1 to class 10 (both girls and boys).

Nonetheless, the country which is the result of the struggles of leaders like sir Syed Ahmed khan, Sir Agha Khan, Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan is striving for a good leader to come and make this nation unite again and choose the path of prosperity.

The nation, which was famous for its beauty and culture, has not taken good care of its beautiful land and forgotten its culture. Majority of its population adopt the western culture. It is not bad to learn about different cultures but it is totally bad to forget own culture.

The country which was champion and was well known for its athletes lost its positions in almost all sports. From last few years, it has not performed on the nation’s expectations.


The list of problems is long.

The point here is how to recover from these problems. How to come out of this dilemma? Identifying the problems is always the first step towards betterment if it is followed by way out.

Moreover, our politicians are well known about the problems. The police are well known about crimes and criminals. The Armed Forces are well known about the enemy and threat. Now the next step is to do proper planning on how to tackle these challenges.

In the globalized world, the country can survive better with the good and long vision policies along with its implementation, border safety, law and order situation, equality and justice, science and technology.

The way forward is simple.

Every institution should work honestly which is assigned to it by the constitution. Furthermore, legislators should do necessary legislation and executors should execute all the laws in the country.

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They must make important decisions while considering not only elite people but also middle-class and poor people.

Moreover, police and law enforcement agencies should keep their eyes and ears open and take all the necessary steps to curb the crimes and put criminals behind the bars. Judiciary and Armed Forces should also overcome its flaws.

Nevertheless, the country needs visionary leaders, honest judges and lawyers, brave soldiers, innovative engineers, good physicians, fit athletes, hardworking farmers and most importantly patriotic nation.

The day is not so far that the country will be prosperous and hold a strong position in the world.

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