What is a Babymoon and Why Do You Need One?

Having a baby is kind of a big deal. So couples have invented a new thing called a ‘babymoon’ where they go off on a trip before the baby is born and the next 18 years of their life are consumed by trying to keep the little human alive.

Here’s why you should add babymoon to your to-do list, right under bachelor party.

It’s good for the baby!

To justify the babymoon, make it about the good for the unborn baby. The mother’s mood affects the baby, and if the mother is calm and happy due to the babymoon, the baby will reap the benefits!

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You deserve it

Being pregnant is hard work. Being married to a pregnant person is also no stroll in the park. Both of you deserve a breather.

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A babymoon will help you recharge and you need all the energy you can get for the newborn baby.

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Rejuvenate your romance

Soon your life will be all about the baby and your romance might have to take the backseat for a while. Before that happens, cherish the romance with a babymoon.

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Mental preparation

You get to mentally prepare yourself for the life-changing experience of having a kid.

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It’s your last chance

After this, it’ll be kid oriented trips. So take advantage of this one, to cross off things on your bucket list.

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Happy Babymooning!


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