This Man Is Selling Channas Outside Girls’ College Wearing A Unique Attire

Don’t you wish to seize the moments that make you want to laugh, smile, pity or think? Things keep happening on an everyday basis that provokes you to express emotions. Something a person is wearing or doing that toggles your attention to it and you cannot get over it.

This may probably have occurred to you that you come to a point in life where you do not care about your appearance. Not just appearance, you don’t even to give two sh*ts of attention to what you wear. We absolutely have people like that in our society.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Still, there a limit to what you recklessly can put on and go out. You can be cool with any bizarre thing you put on but you can’t be Lady Gaga cool wearing a meat dress to the VMAs.



In the past days, a young lady has reported a shocking incident about a man’s attire. Now this is something you will never come across on a daily basis. The fact that it happened makes us realize that the human nature is very interesting.

The incident took place outside this person’s younger siblings college. The height of amazement compelled this person to document it and share it on social media.

So, here is what happened:


Decide whether you want to laugh or feel sad about this man, the latter is what we feel.

It is very thought provoking and storms many people to realize where our society stands. You may laugh indeed, but you also should realize that this person either does not have the sense or is compelled to resort to such a measure.

Our society tangles along such dilemmas where people lack sufficient means. One such example is this person who is forced to wear anything he could find and earn a livelihood.

Thinking if he has an outright idea of what’s compelling people’s attention towards him and at the same time he curbs the urge to stand decisively and do what he is supposed to do. This man certainly deserves applause if he thinks like that.

On the contrary, if this man could not make sense out of it and simply chose to put on that, then we also feel ashamed. In that matter, illiteracy is the point of extremity. It is hard to imagine people not having enough sense.

Have you ever come across to strange things like that happening out in the open or a person wearing odd things?

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