What The Hell PTCL !

After all the insistently irritating internet connectivity issues and the countless hours you have left me on hold to reset my connection, you really expect me to send you a heart emoticon. NO PTCL JUST NO! It’s ridiculous enough that your live chat even has the option of adding emoticons, let alone the fact that it has a kissy face, a broken heart and lips.


You are not my girlfriend! you are just my internet and telecommunication provider you need to know the dynamics of such a relationship. There is no need for the kissy face, heart, or any other emoticon.  Perhaps, if you are so adamant to put them up, try adding crying and a ‘frustration’ emjoi. We can have an absolutely emotionless conversation and that would be okay!

All Pakistanis Using PTCL Internet  

Plus, we as a nation are mad at you PTCL; First you blocked YouTube, then other “important websites” and now this. You really need to get your act together and make filing a complaint easier not like having a conversation with your significant other !


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