What Prestigious Schools Are Doing Wrong? A Teacher’s Perspective

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Education in our country has become a means of income, where the systems are looking for targets to
earn money from. System is overwhelmed by the quantity of Rs. they have in their banks. Hence,
education in Pakistan (specifically Karachi) is been covered with a filthy sheet of wisdom and
excellence in quality education.


I have been a teacher at heart before completing my A-levels; finally I joined the field after finishing
MBA. On the ideal side, schools tend to work on students’ holistic development i.e. physical, social and
cognitive areas, but on the reality side; big names are just working on students’ …. ; aah not on students at all but they are working on parents. Their main focus is to flatter parents about their child, and show them the false picture of the child; as a result, parents (who are unaware of the system) get obliged and
feel top of the world.

Such strategies are used by many elite schools of Karachi, where you observe teachers in modern
clothing but you cannot talk to them without an appointment (why the hell are these systems are so
complicated?) Big names with numerous campuses on every single street are fussier than small scale


Schools are supposed to maintain their 0% failure rate in order to keep a good name in the society.
Which indicates that schools must be teaching quality, and that is the reason they have 0% failure rate..
Absolutely NOT!

Such schools are in a desperate need of keeping themselves in a zero percent failure rate and they can
do it by any means.. Yes, any means, to my amazement, a student who left her math exam paper all
blank was called the next day to a secret room, where the math teacher told her politely to complete
her exam paper, the student was asked to complete the paper with the help of the teacher and she
cleared the exam. WOW! That’s what we call a zero percent failure rate.


Teachers are ordered, not to fail any student in exams, or if students have made mistakes in the paper..
use a pencil or ink remover to correct it. Commendable, schools are brilliant, they have no failures.
We, as teachers should take a stand over such practices, many of us have perfectly jelled into such
a systems.

Teachers! Please don’t do that, it’s a noble profession, which was given to Prophets, please
don’t sell this profession.

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