Here’s What Pakistanis Did Yesterday During The Australia Vs. Pakistan Cricket Match!

Beating Australia in MCG seemed like a miracle since the days of Wasim Akram and Allan Border leading their sides. However, yesterday was a special day for Pakistan cricket team. Ending the 12-year win drought against Australia (last win happening in 2005), our boys in green shirts sure knew who to win in style. Ball after ball, Pakistani bowlers had cricket fanatics all around the world clinched on their seats.

What made this match thrilling was how Pakistani bowlers combined their powers and bowled out the entire Australian team by 48.2 overs. Not only were Pakistanis left in awe but our happiness, at that very point had no limits.

MashaAllah! <3




Banta Bhi Hai

However, we weren’t the only people who were enjoying the match – even Australians were in full mood and created quite an atmosphere in the stadium. Since a lot of Pakistanis were also enjoying the match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the famous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chant ‘Go Nawaz Go’ was chanted during the match. Much to our surprise, even Australian fans in the stadium started following the chant.

The Entire Crowd Chanted ‘Go Nawaz Go’

Aside from this, ‘Ye Bik Gai Hai Gormint’ Aunty Also Made it to MCG

Pakistanis sure know how to mark their presence somewhere especially in a foreign land. Also, listen to how Pakistanis sang our national anthem after winning the match!

Thank you, men in green shirts, for this memorable day!






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